Christoph Rossner’s Nuclear Bunker Will Be Used to Grow Medicinal Weed

by Limus Woods, Guest Writer


Cristoph Rossner is trying to become the top medicinal weed grower in Germany. And, the facility that he is planning to use to grow his pot is one of the most innovative yet. It’s a huge military bunker that was originally going to be used by NATO decades ago, and, according to one Vice article, he wants to “transform the bunker into Germany’s largest cannabis plantation”. Before he can open for business, the production of cannabis has to be approved by the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices.

The organization itself has about 1,000 workers, and among them are physicians, lawyers, pharmacists, and other administrative and technical assistants. They are charged with the task of making sure that medicinal products are safe, and examine them for any risks. The institute is located in Bonn, and are a German federal government research facility that is dedicated to public health. The production of medicinal marijuana also has to be first approved by the German Federal Narcotics Board before the unique facility can open.

If you want to take a look at the bunker that Rossner is planning on using for his medical marijuana facility, you can at this link. It is in a foreign language, but the video shows the facility itself, and you can get a visual of how humungous this place is! The structure itself is over 160 feet in length, and almost 50 feet high. It looks like a fortress, with its large steel doors that are about a foot thick.

According to reports, Rossner’s plan is to grow enough cannabis for 150 patients who need it. He told reporters that he started smoking weed himself back when he got into an accident where a steel beam damaged his shoulder years ago when he was job training with an industrial mechanics company. He still smokes today, and feels that in order to get every patient the medicinal cannabis they need, about 13 tons of it need to be produced.

Limus Woods is a member of the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors ​(​IAPWE​)​. He can be reached on LinkedIn.


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