Willie Nelson’s Weed Products are Coming to California Next Year

by Limus Woods


b.Blunt – Everybody loves Willie Nelson, either for his love of music or his passion for weed. I personally think that cannabis is the reason he is still going strong at his age. I hope I’m that joyful, healthy and happy when I’m in my winter years. Born on April 29th, 1933, Willie is a young-hearted 84 years of age, and shows no signs of slowing down. He, like many of his fans, has completely taken on the marijuana lifestyle, and his cool products are a testament to that.

In 2015, he decided to come out with what is called Willie’s Reserve. He’s been singing about weed for years, and it was only right to put his name to his favorite plant in his own brand of it. According to High Times magazine, his products are supposed to be coming to California next year. One of my favorite songs by him features Merle Haggard, and is entitled “It’s All Going to Pot”. Some of the lyrics in it really go along with what America is going through right now with this deadly opioid crisis. The song goes “All of the whiskey in Lynchburg, Tennessee, it just couldn’t hit the spot/ I got a hundred-dollar bill, friend, you can keep your pills, ‘Cause it’s all going to pot/”.

All of Willie’s weed is grown by independent farmers. He does business with Select Label, Northwest Harvesting Company, Bloom County, Southern Charm Organics, Sundance Gardens, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis, Mayflower, The Flower Collective, AJ’s, Colorado Kind, Green Chief, Cherry, Strong Roots, Oregon Grown Organics, In The Flow, OG Medicinals, and Nuhi Distribution. Willie’s products include all kinds of accessories, edibles, flowers and vapes, and his company can expect a lot of business now that they are going to now be sold in The Golden State next year.

If you have not seen his product for sale in your State, its either because cannabis is illegal there or because only medicinal marijuana is legal there, not recreational. As of right now, a lot of the retailers that sell Willie’s Reserve are located in Colorado, but he also makes lots of sales in southern Nevada. There is also cool gear available, such as hoodies and tees for men and women. And, if you want to connect with the Willie’s Reserve Family, you can by visiting this link at the Community Page on his website.



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