Best Snacks for Thanksgiving Munchies

by Glory Abeti


b. Blunt – Like most things, the pre-party butterflies encompassing Thanksgiving usually are more fun than the day itself. In the long early stretches of November, you look over formulas, sticking indiscreetly and fantasizing about rising out of the kitchen with course after course of sufficiently customary to-conjure sentimentality yet sufficiently hip to-exhibit our-cooking-ability dishes.

Of course, you may have planned ahead, as they say, the key to a bitching thanksgiving is planning ahead. But who doesn’t know that such funky occasions rarely go as planned?

If it’s not too much trouble, appreciate this time of fantasizing. Hello, perhaps this is the year that everything goes right, especially with our amazing thanksgiving recipes.

The Veggie Pizza

Colorful, tasty and simple to put together. These veggie leaf pizzas are everything on your canapé list of things to get. Your young ones can even get in on the action by helping with the sprinkling of veggie fixings. Simply shout “pizza, ” and they’ll come running


Talking about pie…nothing beats that feeling when you wake up with thanksgiving hangovers and discover that you still have three mind-blowing pies holding up in the ice chest. Thus, your pie better is great. We like our pecan pie with a kick of whiskey, and our pumpkin pie with goat cheddar.

Deli Rollups

Consider it a sandwich without the bread! This Paleo-obliging delicious chomp packs in twofold the protein of a hardboiled egg, and sneaks in two or three vegetables to boot! Make a point to stick to a lower-salt arrangement of meat to keep those heartbeat spiking sodium levels under tight restrictions.

Compact Cheese Platter

Who doesn’t love a classy cheddar plate? Make yourself a little scale shape (or fill a Tupperware box) with a cheddar stick close by some whole grain wafers for crunchy carb action, and two or three almonds for an all-around protein, solid fat, and fiber upgrade.

Crispy Cheddar Mashed Potato Puffs

These crispy potato puffs resemble a stacked heated potato in your grasp. Acrid cream, chives, bacon, cheddar, and smooth pureed potatoes — it’s all there in one top-notch chomp.

“Gooey” Kale Chips

A definitive in salty yearnings, potato chips are one of the most effortless tidbits to try too hard on (truly, who eats only one serving at a time?!). Next time you require a major heap of something crunchy in a hurry, swap out the locally acquired spuds for a heated pack of handcrafted kale chips. While similarly as fresh as normal chips, this two-glass serving accompanies the additional advantages of giving you more than 40 percent of your day by day estimation of vitamin A and C, in addition to a robust measurement of protein from the fresh yeast topping.

Glory Abeti is a professional writer based in Eugene, Oregon.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Cornell University and is currently pursuing Masters of English in Boston University. She’s an expert in inbound marketing, content creating and marketing, and lead generation. She also writes poetry and short stories on occasion. Oh, yes, and she blogs.


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