b.Blunt OG Christmas List

By: Danielle Liles


b.Blunt – If you are an individual that enjoys smoking marijuana or knows someone that enjoys smoking, I am going to give you a few ideas for presents.

Seedo the Automatic Grow Machine

For those people that have patience to grow marijuana themselves, this is a great idea for a present. An expensive gift, but a great gift for someone that wants to start growing their own cannabis. The Seedo Automatic Grow Machine is no bigger than a mini refrigerator that you would put in your bedroom. Best part about it, is you don’t even have to do any work. You choose the plants you want to grow, plant the seeds, pop them into the Seedo and wait! This cool gadget does all of the work for you through the entire grow process. It even comes with a camera so you can check on your plant just like you would do a security camera. To pay for the Seedo in full, it is $1200. Now that I think about it, it isn’t that expensive, but you would definitely have to care about someone a lot to get them a gift at that price.

Backup Stash Box

This gift can be inexpensive, but very useful to the smoker you are gifting it to. There is nothing like having weed and nothing to smoke it from. Every smoker has ran into that problem at one point in their smoking life. It’s easy to forget that you used your last swisher or paper for your last smoke session. Maybe you let your friend borrow your extra bong and the one you were using broke. There are so many reasons why the Backup Stash Box would come in handy. There is a membership you can sign up for where a specially made stash box is sent to you once a month. If you don’t want to sign up for something like that, you can easily do it yourself to create the perfect stash box for the recipient. Make the stash box versatile by adding a torch lighter, rolling papers, rolling machine, swishers (or the recipient’s favorite blunt wraps), a rolling tray, and a hand glass bubbler.

Christmas tree Bud

A cannabis lover will NEVER turn down “free” bud! If you are feeling in the spirit and have run out of ideas, it’s never bad to turn to gifting bud. Especially, if it is legal in your state. The Christmas tree strain promotes happiness, relaxation, and sleepiness. After the presents have been open, dinner has been eaten, this is the perfect strain to kick back to and relax. Depending on where you live, this could be an inexpensive purchase.


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