Seattle Cannabis Fests in 2018

by Danielle Liles


(b.Blunt) – The two biggest events that you should consider checking out in 2018 in Seattle are CannaCon and Hempfest.

CannaCon is sort of like Comicon for cannabis lovers. It is a three-day expo (Feb. 15-17, 2018) and conference held in Seattle each year. The expo is where the cannabis industry does their business. Hosts of the expo educate individuals looking to get into the cannabis industry. At the same time allowing business owners to market their products. The experience gives you a chance to learn how to succeed in the industry. It is lead by some of the most successful cannabis professionals.

Founders of CannaCon started this annual event specifically for people in the cannabis community. As they say, “the seed doesn’t care if you are a man, woman, gay, straight, or everything in between.” Everyone in the cannabis community can bond no matter who they are or where they come from. This event gives you the chance to meet all sorts of people while gaining knowledge of the industry. If you want to purchase tickets, go to

Hempfest (Aug. 17-19, 2018) is another event that is a part of Seattle’s annual cannabis events. This festival is meant to gather cannabis lovers to advocate the decriminalization. Founder Vivian Peak started this event in 1991 as Washington Hemp Expo. In 1992, it became known as Hempfest. When it first started, roughly only 500 people attended. To date, you can expect to see around 100,000 weed smokers in attendance.

At Hempfest, you can expect a full three-days full of live music, politics, and arts and crafts. Since the 90s, another big part of this festival has been and will always be smoking. What is a Hempfest without a little bit of ganja being passed around? Even though marijuana is recreationally legal in Washington State, it is not legal to smoke in public places. Unfortunately, Hempfest is held in a public park. Reports say that law enforcement officials tend to avoid giving citations during Hempfest because they know people will be smoking there. That doesn’t mean if you see a cop they won’t say anything to you. Especially, if you are being an asshole.

Unlike CannaCon, Hempfest is completely free to attend. The only thing they ask is that you make donations to help the festival come back each year. A donation is not much to ask especially when you get to enjoy a free three days of fun.


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