b.Blunt Holiday Gift Guide

by Glory Abeti


b.Blunt – The holiday’s knocking, and it’s the season for giving green. If you want to treat your friends with something special from the cannabis world, we have got you covered. 2017 has seen a few creative, and astonishing cannabis products hit the market, things that can be a perfect gift to fellow stoners. This 2017 Holiday Gift Guide is here to help discover only the ideal present for each sort of stoner in your life.

Dugout /One-Hitter:

That is correct, a work of art, yet many smokers don’t have one for reasons unknown. Super compact, extraordinary for hikes, concerts or simply setting off to a companion’s home. You can store a strong couple day of weed in the majority of them if you pack the hole, and they’re sufficiently cheap that if you need to ditch it, it’s not the apocalypse. Every smoker can typically find a use for these.


Need a superior smoking experience? Meet the FUNKSH pipes, which went ahead of the cannabis showcase scene in 2017. It is one of the cannabis items that are smooth, scentless and waterproof. It has an airway controller that is effectively flexible. This is the best gift for those who have trouble coughing while smoking.

The Magical Butter Maker

If your friend lives in that apartment where the landlords and neighbors aren’t captivated by the smell of weed, this is the best solution you can give to them. This beautiful product will magically turn your bud, trim and shake into the THC-infused butter, oil or tincture and in a few minutes, you will have a cannabutter or tincture primed and ready for use in cooking or other things. No more house-smoking warnings from the landlord. Yay.


This is one of the cannabis items that are intended to enhance the flavor of your weed. It has three temperature control alternatives for the best smoking experience. It comes in four great colors that you can choose from. It likewise has a portable application to stay up with the latest. If you need to purchase an excellent present for a companion, this is one to pick.


Clandestine weed stockpiling solutions are ubiquitous, and you couldn’t be rebuked for feigning exacerbation at a portion of the ridiculous thingamabobs coming out of the business. We guarantee you; however, PenSimple is no laughing matter. This wonderful package comes with a processor and storage room for up to one gram of herb. Don’t forget the automated apportioning framework, which tops off your bowl with one quick button press.

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