Let’s b.Blunt: Can cannabis cure disease?

by Glory Abeti


b.Blunt – Q: Can cannabis cure disease? When it comes to cannabis, we all think it’s time to get stoned. However, what we forget is that marijuana can also help fight some common ailments. Not like the common cold or flu, or the other ailments that we have accepted as a normal way of life, rather the other kind that are more forceful and aggressive. How about we hit two birds with one stone? Let’s look at how you can get stoned as well as treat yourself.

Cancer: Cannabinoids, the dynamic parts of weed, hinder tumor development and furthermore execute malignancy cells. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the essential psychoactive constituent of the cannabis plant, targets cannabinoid receptors comparable in capacity to endocannabinoids, which are cannabinoids that are normally delivered in the body and enact these receptors. According to scientists, the CBD can switch off the gene responsible for spreading the cancer cells to different organs in aggressive cancer. Likewise, cannabis can treat all other types of cancer going from mind tumor, melanoma and even Glioblastoma multiforme.

Epilepsy: Tired of those convulses that attack you at the wrongest time in the wrongest places? Cannabis might just be the answer for you.   According to research, the cannabinoid compound of marijuana is anti-convulsant. In fact, evidence suggests that cannabis is one of the most effective therapies for epileptics. The compound shields the neurons and neurotransmitters from getting excessively excited which causes the seizures. Patients report that they can wean themselves off physician recommended medications, and still not encounter seizures on the off chance that they have a consistent supply of cannabis.

Multiple Sclerosis: Cannabis CBD helps treat MS-like manifestations by keeping resistant cells from transforming and assaulting the protecting fronts of nerve cells in the spinal cord. Cannabis slows down the inflammations on the spinal cord and eventually reverses it.

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder: Can’t concentrate on anything? Do you find yourself distracted with your daily experiences that you cannot focus wholly? Most likely you are suffering from ADHD. One regular ADHD side effect is distraction. The reason for ADHD is likely a diminished capacity to smother tangible info both inward and outside. Essentially the mind is overpowered with an excessive amount of data that comes too quick. In ADHD, the cerebrum is jumbled with and excessively mindful of the considerable number of subtleties of a man’s every day encounter. This marvel is caused by a dopamine dysfunction. With a marijuana dosage, endocannabinoid compound tweaks up your dopamine system and, along these lines, has a potential for ADHD treatment by acting to free up dopamine and diminishing the over-incitement of the mid-cerebrum.

AIDS: Wanna lessen your neuropathic pain? Research recommends a dose of marijuana. According to studies, the HIV-positive patients who smoke marijuana register lessened pain, better appetite, sound sleep and better mood.

The bottomline is that with enough research and enough consideration, weed could be utilized as a therapeutic CURE for some of our most hardheaded ailments.


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