9 Creative Canna-gifts for your Holiday Party Hostess

by Patricia Miller


b.blunt – The holiday season is a time for gathering together and sharing our bounty with the people we care about.  Whether you are attending a White Elephant Party or a Secret Santa get-together, you may want to give your host or hostess a little something extra.  Rather than a bottle of wine, consider giving your weed-loving host one of these unique and personal gifts to brighten their holiday and elevate their senses.

Kush Bath Bombs: These organic bath bombs are a funky and affordable gift for the kush connoisseur in your life.  The skin-enhancing vitamins and organic ingredients will have your hostess clamoring for the tub.

Cannabis butter and oil infuser: This gift is perfect for the aspiring cannabis cook.  Cannabis infusers are easy to use and offer a whole world of new culinary creations to your gracious host.

The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook: This cookbook is full of beautiful and elegant edible ideas for the host who loves to be in the kitchen.  With any luck, you will be the first person they call to sample their new recipes.

Knit Water Pipe Set: For the bong enthusiast, why not give the gift of crochet? These water pipe cozies will warm their hands and keep their lighters safely within reach.

The THC Molecule Tree Ornament: The THC molecule ornament is a fun and classy way to bring some THC to the Christmas tree.  Etsy has a wide variety of weed-themed ornaments to suit every taste.

The Glass Blunt: This easy to use glass pipe simulates the hit of a hand-rolled blunt.  Your host may not have time to cut and fill a blunt, so give the gift of time with this convenient and classy gift.

The Stoner Stash Puzzle Book: After a big party it is customary for hosts to rest and recuperate.  Fill their lazy day-after with puzzles and word searches so their mind can stay busy while their bodies relax.

Mellows: These high-class boxed edibles are a beautiful way to show your appreciation this holiday season.  The marshmallow treats are available in a variety of flavors and each piece contains 5 milligrams of THC.

Beamer Candle Company’s Cannabis Killer: This scent-eliminating candle is a great gift for the host who wants their home to smell fresh and clean after an epic party or during a solo smoke-out.

A thoughtful gift is a great way to show your gratitude and ensure an invitation to next year’s bash. When offering a gift, do so without drawing attention to yourself. Other guests may not have brought anything and may feel left out. Further, let the host know they can open your gift later or in private so the envious squeals of other guests don’t distract from their enjoyment.


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