How to throw an elegant edible NYE party

by Patricia Miller


b.Blunt – It’s that time of year when friends and loved ones come together to celebrate a New Year and new opportunities. Perhaps one of your resolutions is to drink a little less and expand your culinary repertoire. This year, start your resolution early with a New Year’s Eve edibles and champagne party. Champagne is always in style and these cannabis appetizers will delight your guests while you bring in the New Year with style.

When throwing a beautiful New Year’s Eve party there are a few key elements to remember.  Make your home sparkle with silver platters, candles, a crystal punch bowl, vases full of flowers, some great music, and warm mood lighting. While the champagne is on ice you can start to work on your edibles menu.

Some of my favorite recipes are from the marijuana infused mind of Laurie Wolf.  Her background as a professional chef enables her to pair bold flavors with cannabis infused oils and butters to create amazing dishes that don’t taste like a mouthful of nugs. She advises using low dose edibles so as not to overwhelm your guests. This selection of recipes, both from Laurie and from around the web, should provide the perfect blend of high class and grass for your party.

Baked Brie made with Canna-butter: This delectable Brie will look gorgeous on a cheese platter.  Serve with crackers and a fig jam to complete the spread. The THC content is moderate so try not to over-indulge before the ball drops.

Pink Cannabis Lemonade: Give your guests an alternative to champagne with this festive lemonade.  Serve it in a crystal or clear punch bowl to accentuate its pink hue. Smaller cups are a wise decision with this heady drink.

Stuffed Mushrooms with Canna-oil Pesto: The pesto in these mushrooms pops off the plate and will look beautiful on a silver platter. They pair nicely with champagne and provide a savory contrast to the pink lemonade.

Baked Artichoke, Crab, and Cannabis Dip: Nothing says elegance better than crab and this luscious dip is sure to entice your guests.  It can be served in a baking dish or transferred to something more befitting of your table-scape. At 6 milligrams of THC per serving it packs a punch without overwhelming your pallet.

Cannabis Hummus: Serve with toast points, carrots, mixed vegetables, or pita bread.  A solid colored serving dish will provide contrast to the hummus and make it stand out on your table.

Cannabis Ceviche”Red Snapper is the star of this ceviche.  Serve in martini glasses or small glass cups paired with chips to act as the spoon.  The citrus will excite your palate and accent the crispness of the champagne.

Canna-chocolate Dipped Strawberries: This spin on chocolate dipped strawberries is the perfect compliment to a glass of champagne.  The ruby red strawberries and luscious chocolate will look beautiful on a silver tray. They are easy to prepare and even easier to eat.

Cannabis Cream Puffs: These light and airy cream puffs will add texture and decadence to any table.  The powdered sugar is evocative of winter and some edible gold dust would compliment the New Year’s theme.

Canna-chocolate covered espresso beans: Use the chocolate from your canna-chocolate dipped strawberries to coat espresso beans for a late night pick-me-up.

These elegant edibles will delight your guests and compliment your celebratory bubbly.  The most important thing to remember this New Year’s Eve is moderation.  These treats may take some time to kick in and you want all of your guests to be alert when the ball drops at midnight. Make sure your friends have a safe way home when the night is done.


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