Too high? Here’s What You Should Do.


Getting too high on marijuana can be an uncomfortable feeling, whether it’s from edibles, concentrate, or simply inhaling too much green. Here are 7 tested and true ways to come down if you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m too high.”

1. First things first – don’t panic. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) as well as the DEA, there has NEVER been a fatal cannabis overdose, anywhere in the world. Whether you’re a new smoker or experienced cannabis user, you’re not alone in what you’re feeling. Know that medically you’re totally fine, this feeling won’t last, and you’ll be back to normal soon.

2. Take CBD. This is the #1 best thing you can do for yourself if you’re too high. Cannabidiolwhich goes by the acronym CBDis a cannabis compound that has major benefits, but doesn’t make you feel “stoned.” When people talk about getting high, they’re referring to the effects of THC they feel. CBD’s effect is in the body rather than the mind and will ease muscle tension, anxiety and act as an anti-inflammatory. You can find CBD oil droppers, CBD candies, vapes and more. It might seem counter-intuitive to ingest more cannabis when you’re too high, but if you have pure CBD, it will counteract the effects of the THC and make you less high. (Check out our article So, What Really Is CBD? for more info.)

3. Smell or chew black peppercorns. If you don’t have CBD on hand, this can be a great alternative (or to use in addition). The best effect is felt if you grind up the peppercorns and inhale the terpenes (essentially the “smell molecules” that are released) which will tame the THC high you’re feeling. You might sneeze, which is totally okay. If you choose to chew on the peppercorns, the calming effect will be milder and will take a bit longer to kick in.

4. Take 2 ibuprofen. The same way CBD and peppercorn terpenes block some of your THC receptors, a standard dose of ibuprofen can help ease your high.

5. Hydrate. This one should definitely be done in addition to any other recommendation from this list you try. A cool glass of ice water can work wonders, and keeping fluids in your body will help detox. Add some fresh lemon juice and peel to your water for extra effect – lemon has also been shown to help you come down.

6. Eat. Raid the fridge order some delicious delivery. Marijuana heightens your sense of taste and your appetite so the enjoyable experience of eating can help you enjoy a positive of being high. Many girls and guys that enjoy cannabis have their favorite food that helps them relax if they get too high – mine’s ice cream!). Having food in your stomach can help calm your nerves, too.

7. Take a nap. A 30-minute snooze can help ease your anxiety and help you feel refreshed. This will also help your perception of time speed up a bit as the effects of the cannabis wear off.

8. Exercise or play a game. You might not feel like being active, but getting some endorphins flowing is a great way to mitigate the feeling of being too high. Another great option is to draw, color, build with legos, play with silly putty… any other fun activity that will help ease your mind and keep you engaged.

There you have it! With these tips, you’ll be back down to earth quickly, with nothing more than a little brain fog leftover. As with most things in life, the best cure for being too high is preventative. If you have a low tolerance, start small as you consume, and always remember that edibles can take up to 3-4+ hours to kick in.

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