Cannabis, Women and Self-Care


Cannabis can be a welcome addition to any self-care practice. If the most common areas of our lives that need attention are sleep, nutrition, and fitness, cannabis are known to have positive effects on all of those areas.

1. Getting More (and Better) Sleep

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep – or even sleeping through the night – cannabis can be taken – even in relatively small doses – as a sleep aide. Look for an indica strain to start, and seek out strains that are higher in the terpenes Linalool or Mercene, both of which can aid in relaxation and a deeper sleep.

“Cannabis can really help with sleep that is so precious and can be a big issue for aging women,” says Jill Trinchero of SDK Snacks, the maker of healthful (gluten-free, vegan) cannabis infused cookies and crackers. “Many women approach me to say that SDK’s products help them sleep.”

Jill explains that a micro-dose of 2.5mg to 5mg THC relaxes your mind and body so you get to sleep and sleep through the night.

2. Getting a Move On It

The myth of the lazy stoner is being dispelled time and time again as women discover cannabis as an enhancement to physical activities such as running, weight lifting, and yoga.

Joy Victoria Clarke, owner of Mahogany Mary, a cannabis events company, admits she began neglecting her health and ignoring self-care when she relocated to a new city.

Says Joy, “I used my long work hours as an excuse not to make myself a priority. My health declined, insomnia overtook rest, and I began to feel depressed. Yoga and marijuana helped me unplug and reconnect with the God above and the God within me.”

Joy adds, “When I smoke weed, it calms my mind and my body. The daily anxiety eases away, and my mind becomes clearer.”

3. Relaxation and Creativity

Tuning in to what stresses you out and then figuring out what helps you let go can be an ongoing personal project but can reap great wellness rewards.

“Self-care for me always seems to change based on where I am living or (what I’m) going through,” explains Loretta Hord, founder of Cannatunes, a company creating multimedia and musical experiences with cannabis. “This has prompted me to be flexible about how I achieve wellness in my life,” Loretta adds, “What hasn’t changed is taking the time to check in with myself frequently to review what is and isn’t serving me and my goals. Cannabis helps me to be introspective about my life and goals.”

Here are some more ways women are using cannabis for self-care.


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