b.Blunt Review: Top 3 Rolling Papers

by Limus Woods


b.Blunt — I know. It’s been argued about probably as much as (if not more than) what the very best blunt is for rolling weed. But still, here were are, finally finding out which are the Top 3 Rolling Papers. I had to split them up into categories to be fair, so here are the Best New Rolling Papers, the Most Innovative Rolling Papers, and finally, the Best Classic Rolling Papers.

Best New Rolling Papers: High Hemp Organic

In today’s world, everything that’s consumed is assumed to be better if it’s organic, and it’s true. For cannabis smokers, one of the things they will appreciate the most about High Hemp Rolling Papers is their wonderful taste. As with organic food, organic rolling papers do not have their flavor affected by unnecessary agents like herbicides or pesticides during their production. When these agents are used, a plant responds in a stressful way and releases certain chemicals, sort of like when a human being gets stressed or nervous and begins to sweat. Those chemicals will, in the end, become a part of the product’s taste.

High Hemp Rolling Paper manufacturers take pride in using completely organic materials to construct their papers from the ground up. They are expanding their flavors more and more as well, and some of them sell out a lot faster than others, such as the High Hemp Organic Wrap’s Maui Mango. Among other popular emerging tastes are the Honey Pot Swirl and the Grapeape, but the Original flavor is still flying off the shelves being that so many people are still so happy with how clean and satisfying it naturally tastes.

These new organic papers are so hard to find in stores, and smokers who want them complain about it all the time. So, my advice is, if you intend to buy them, purchase in bulk, because you may need to have some stocked up at home being that they sell so fast online.

Most Innovative Rolling Papers: Raw Cones

Most of us who have been rolling weed in papers for a long time were probably trying to make our end-product look like one thing – the Bob Marley Cone. It was so attractive, with the pulling tip so small in comparison to the big head on the other end. Still, no matter how much we tried, many of us (me included) failed again and again attempting to get that funnel shape we so desired. But then, one day, we are shopping around for one of our favorite rolling papers, the classic Raw, and all of a sudden see one that looks like….a…a cone!!

These Raw Cones, the Most Innovative Rolling Papers, are love at first sight. They already come premade with the filter in them, and the package also contains some little sticks so you can push the bud down into the cone. You can usually get about a gram into a single one, but maybe a little more if you pack it right. This would mean that, number one, you need to make sure your bud is ground well, and number two, you should take your time. For best results, begin by putting only about three pinches of weed into the cone at a time, then pack, then three pinches, then pack, and so on. When there is about a half centimeter left, pinch it together, twist it shut, and there you go. The cone you could never roll yourself is ready to be smoked, and it still burns slow like Raw papers are known to.

Best Classic Rolling Paper: Zig Zag

I admit. The best classic was a tie between Raw, Zig Zag, and Job 1.5. Raw had already made it onto the Top 3 Rolling Papers list with the Raw Cone, so then I was left with only one way of distinguishing which was the best between the other two – by examining their story. I am not saying that the originator of Job rolling papers, Jean Bardou, wasn’t creative in 1838, when he came up with the idea of trying to produce a book of rolling papers by using rice paper. All I’m saying is that the originator of Zig Zag papers, a French soldier known only by the name Le Zouave, had a story that was a little better.

According to the 19th Century legend, during one of the breaks he took during the Battle of Sevastopol, Le Zouave needed a smoke. He had some tobacco, but the problem was that a bullet had shattered his smoking pipe. The old saying is that necessity is the mother is invention, and this creative soldier sure proved it that day. He torn off a small piece of paper from a nearby bag of gunpowder, and used it to roll up!

The next time you look at a pack of Zig Zags, the Best Classic Rolling Paper, you’ll see an image of a man’s face with a beard smoking. That’s Le Zouave. The producers of the quality papers kept putting his face on all of their products as a tribute to him.

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