Survey shows women feel stigmatized by their cannabis use


For women, coming fully out of the cannabis closet, may take some time. Based on a study by Van der Pop, a cannabis blog and lifestyle brand, 70% of women still feel embarrassed about being associated with cannabis use.

The majority of the women surveyed feel this negative pressure comes from family, friends and coworkers, and they are more concerned with societal-based concerns vs. legal based concerns. They do not want to be labeled as a “stoner”.

The survey also found that women consume cannabis for pain management, relaxation, stress and anxiety reduction more so than social experiences or to “get high”.

A lack of cannabis education is another factor in shaping some women’s fear of weed. 62% of survey respondents stated they lacked a trusted resource for information, while 80% said they searched for info online.

Click here to see the full results of the survey.


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