Sonic Drive-In Bans Pot Smokers in Drive-Thru


No shoes, No shirt, Smoking Pot? No Service.

A Sonic Drive-In in Gulport, Mississippi posted this sign telling customers enough is enough:

“ATTENTION: If you are smoking weed in the drive thru you will not be served! Please show some common courtesy and smoke and air out before pulling up to order.”

The sign was posted after one customer smoking pot blew the smoke into the face of an underage employee. (It only takes one bad apple to ruin it for everyone). But that was enough and the new policy has been implemented. And it worked. Apparently pot smokers in Mississippi are very polite and the store hasn’t had trouble with pot smokers since posting the sign, reports Fox News.

So, if you want to quell your munchies with food from Sonic Drive-In, make sure you smoke out before you order.


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