b.Blunt interview with cannabis coach and #girlboss Lady Nowe


b.Blunt sits down with Juliane Nowe to talk about her personal journey to becoming a Cannabis Coach, smoking, and the challenges for women in the industry right now.  If you are interested in learning more about cannabis and wellness coaching, please reach out to LadyNowe at www.ladynowe.com

Tell us about yourself, what’s your story? How long have you been in the cannabis game?

Growing up, adults around me grew and smoked cannabis recreationally and medically instead of taking pharmaceuticals (my dad has had numerous back surgeries. The Drs wanted to give him opioids and other pills that would effect his heart and liver- instead he continued to use cannabis). I also was aware of the stigma but grew up embracing the plant. I started smoking cannabis around the age of 17, became a medical marijuana patient feb 2017 and now combine both in my lifestyle. I’m from Lunenburg Nova Scotia and moved to New Brunswick 4 years ago where I continued to teach yoga, hold wellness workshops and shared my love for cannabis by word of mouth. Back then, cannabis wasn’t as embraced openly, therefore I wasn’t able to be as open either. About 2.5 years ago I started teaching yoga to a group of veterans (woman and men) with PTSD and their families. They were all clients of Marijuana for Trauma. This also began my commitment to learning as much as I could about cannabis. Since then my life partner is the founder of Marijuana for Trauma, I’ve become a cannabis coach, health coach and life coach, still teach yoga and teach conscious cannabis, hold cannabis and holistic healing retreats with my life partner and created LadyNowe an Organic Cannabis Lifestyle.

How did you come up with the idea for your brand LadyNowe and what attracted you to the cannabis industry?

LadyNowe is a cannabis and wellness brand targeted to woman. Nowe is a play on my last name (Nowe is pronounced NOW) and all about living in the present moment and being authentic. I have been living a cannabis lifestyle for a long time and was really honing in on how cannabis paired with food healing, love, breathe, consciousness, vitamins, connection, etc and how all of these elements combined together are the real pathway to healing, living optimally and WHOLEistically. This is the bases on how LadyNowe was built and formed. I’ve also used all these elements to heal my own health issues and continue to do so for myself and others.

I was also finding that there was a huge gap between having a cannabis lifestyle and being a real (“organic”) person.  The image portrayed of woman and cannabis was not matching my lifestyle or the lives of other real woman who also enjoy cannabis. I wanted to change this. I also wanted to create a trusted source that feels like a tribe, while combining medical and recreation together, in one space.  Every Thursday I share “Cannabis Basics education”, Wednesday’s I share “Cannabis Conversations” where I interview and share other brands and woman in the cannabis industry that align with the brands values and, I share my own personal life- what strains I use when and why, my lifestyle- I’m in love, can’t get enough of the work I do, have two step kids, share what works for PMS, my health stories, the “fucking laundry” and love being able to show how cannabis adds quality to my lifestyle! I love blogging and having guest bloggers featured. It’s not just about “me” the brand is “everyone”

How would you describe your brand and services to someone who’s new to cannabis?

Let me take your hand and tell you-this is just the beginning to the best days of the rest of your life! For someone that is new, having a cannabis coach or to be apart of a tribe that shares so many resources and education, is the best place to start. You want to start low and slow, have enough info that you feel confident and feel a connection to the plant and to your own life, so you can consume consciously and allow cannabis to enhance and dance with your lifestyle. We are adding to it, not taking away!

In your opinion what is the biggest challenge in the cannabis industry right now, specifically for women? What motivates you to keep going?

Two of the biggest challenges I have personally experienced and still see are 1- lack of education and 2- “real” woman living cannabis lifestyles. For lack of better terms, there is still a very “low vibration” image associated with woman and “weed”. My goal is to raise this vibration and show another more, feminine (as the plant herself is a female plant), more conscious, more quality of life-image around woman and cannabis. I am also thrilled to see so many other woman in the industry now, changing this vibration too! I know this will have a ripple effect on our whole planet and universe.

The lack of education is starting to change. There are more online programs forming and more platforms taking form where people can gather and share experiences and connections to educators. I know a ton of information, but I also want everyone to know LadyNowe isn’t just “me”. It’s all of us. I love connecting with others and having others in the space to share and learn from them because it’s all of “us”, individuals, working as a collective. I’m not just LadyNowe, we are all LadyNowe!

What is cannabis coaching, why would someone utilize that service?

Cannabis coaching educates the patient on what I like to call “the unknown”. It’s hard enough to find a doctor that will support you and prescribe. Once you overcome that challenge and are then prescribed, you need to choose a Licenced producer (here in canada) or for those in the rec market, trying to find a quality source are challenges in themselves. Once you finally have these things down pat, it’s like-now what? No one is there to explain to you what strain or genetic to use when, why and how or to tell you whether you need to consume or vape or smoke it. No one is there to explain what is THC and CBD, and do you need one or both and why. No one is there to explain your endocanabinoid system and to ask you about you as a whole-what’s your lifestyle? What is your diagnosis? What do you need to do each day? No one is there-until you find a cannabis coach. I love this part, asking all the questions and guiding people on their cannabis journey. There are too many stories about being “too high” or “I tried this but it didn’t work” and that’s as far as people get. As a coach, I look at you as a whole and guide you through your cannabis journey. Whether your a patient, or not, I guide you to incorporate cannabis to your life to add quality and so much more. I believe everyone needs cannabis (atleast CBD, and yes this is a “personal opinion” from experience, I am not a DR) because of our endocinabinoid systems.

How did you get introduced to cannabis, and is it a part of your everyday life?

Yes, it’s apart of my life everyday. I take a CBD capsule daily and smoke every day. I like to dab on occasion.

How would you characterize your use of marijuana, recreational or medicinal?

My cannabis lifestyle is both, as described above, combined with holistic living and love. I live both. LadyNowe is both.

Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?

I’m in New Brunswick  and the cannabis scene here is growing feels like “the place to be” on the East Coast of Canada for cannabis growth, education and experience. The province is becoming so supportive in wanting to help licensed producers, creating a college program for cannabis growers and providing funding to those who want to become a Licensed Producer ( LP’s will also supply the rec market when it becomes legal here in Canada, as well as continuing to supply medical patients). Marijuana for Traums headquarters and first location is in Oromocto, NB. People are becoming more comfortable to sharing their cannabis lifestyle too, where as before, peole where very “hush hush” about it.

Do you have a favorite cannabis related story or memory?

Yes! I have two! The first time I ever dabbed was in Okanagon, BC. Let’s just say I took to big of a dab for my first time and felt light headed, needed a lot of water and needed to go outside for fresh air. My love was there so he knew exactly what to do and hence, now I know what to do and this has added to my experience of wanting to make other peoples cannabis experiences even better!

Medically, I used cannabis for anxiety, pain and digestion. I’ve been using cannabis EVERY day for almost two years now and am still amazed and how much my health has changed. It moves me to tears when I talk about these things and some of the other health issues I’ve had in the past. Doctors wanting to do surgery and pills and me wanting to get to the root causes and finding true plant and holistic healing and how I can do jump for joy and scream “it all worked!”. I’ve also seen, how cannabis treats my partner’s PTSD symptoms and how it allows so may others to go into their heart! I’ve made this my life mission to do the same for others.

How can you be reached?

I can be reached through email at info@ladynowe.com, my instagram LadyNowe and website www.ladynowe.com. I love connecting so don’t hesitate to reach out!


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