b.Blunt talks: Baked Lady Company is making healthy canna-products


This week b.blunt sits down with The Baked Lady Co. a community based monthly membership program connecting people to handcrafted canna-products. Their mission is to provide accessibility to quality edibles, with clear health benefits, nourishing ingredients and simplified dosing.

I love the tagline “uncommon treats for the common good” Tell us about yourself, how did you come up with the idea for The Baked Lady Co.?  

We’re Olivia and Jordan, co-founders of The Baked Lady Company

Olivia: I’ve been in the culinary industry forever. Feeding people has always been my passion and when I started learning about the science behind medicinal cannabis and the relief and calm it brings people, I knew I needed add it to my repertoire.

Jordan: And, I’m a retail veteran and an amateur botanist with a love of all things culinary. Olivia and I met each other at work years back, and we’ve been on a food journey ever since. She’s an amazingly skilled chef and we’ve always bonded over different recreational food and cannabis experiences. Olivia had this great idea to really change the way edibles are made and marketed to customers, by simplifying the dosing and focusing on macro nutrients that aid overall health. So from a common love over food, cannabis, and hours of product testing and Drag Race reruns, we came up with The Baked Lady Co.

Olivia: Jordan is truly the business yin to my culinary yang. I wanted to do a cannabis business for many years and just couldn’t find the right partner to make things work. Finding the right partner is everything in starting a business. Jordan not only has the culinary skills to dive into creating new items but also a visual aesthetic that is so funky but clean and modern. It’s a beautiful balance of science and holistic knowledge.

Who is your ideal audience? Who joins The Baked Lady Co?

J: Our audience is for anyone who wants to find products with both a nutritional focus and homeopathic features. We like to create products that differ than what you may typically find on the market, and we strive to make all of our products easy to integrate into your daily ritual.  We’ve started our product lines focusing on CBD and it’s benefits, while still educating our members about the whole plant and its components.

O: We are learning more and more about how cannabis works in the body and how digestion and macronutrient content can affect the onset and duration of the cannabis effects, so working closely with our members to make sure they’re getting the best out of this amazing plant is our top priority.

What do you get with a membership? How do you sign up?

J: No single canna-product user has the exact same needs as another so we wanted to make sure there was some flexibility in our membership model. Our base membership includes access to all of our digital content (recipes, interviews with other members, canna-educational content), and our tiered memberships include those features plus a monthly cannabis themed box. The monthly box includes the latest products from us and other artisans we’re featuring. We’re in our first few test rounds and limited to Massachusetts residents, but we’re planning to expand in the future to wherever CBD is legal. Signing up is as easy as visiting our site and registering for our next monthly launch which will be for the July Box.

What is a craft edible? How do you come up with your recipes?

O: The craft edible is food that bridges the gap between a standard edible serves as a medium to consume cannabis and food that is fuel for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good brownie, but by adding in protein and other balanced nutrients it becomes so much more.

J: I totally agree. Nutrition is all about balance and the scale is never perfectly poised. We’re on this same journey with our members so we’re hyper focused on creating products that help people improve their quality of life. We make products and recipes that are vegan, GF, and even dairy free, but we’ll still teach you how to make the best canna-croissants for a Sunday morning splurge. We’re interested in feeding the whole person and our recipes need to satisfy both the foodie and the health nut.

What are some of your upcoming events?

J: We’re planning a few Bake Dates with some of our members so keep an eye out for content and sneak peeks of upcoming products.  We love using these events to try new things and even develop recipes with our own members, Some more things are on the horizon, but overall we’re really excited to engage our community in person in addition to our online service.  Beyond that you can keep up with our new happenings on our site and follow us on social.

How would you describe your brand to someone who’s new to using cannabis?

O: We’re like that friend who always takes you to new and exciting restaurants. You might be out of your comfort zone, but you trust that we can help you pick something delicious off the menu even if you have no idea what you’re eating.

J: Exactly.  We found that access to edibles, cannabis or CBD products is difficult to come by and information about it was often limited/inconsistent.  Like us, the people closest to us had the same issues or wanted to learn more about the benefits of cannabis and we felt like we could help bridge that gap.

Do you have to live in an adult-legal or medical state to join The Baked Lady Co?

J: We’re currently only operating in Massachusetts, but we’re hoping to expand the service in the future to include other states where CBD is legal.  Each state can have varying regulations on CBD and even though we utilize tested 99% CBD isolate, we’re making sure that our products meet all state guidelines where we have potential members.

In your opinion what is the biggest challenge for women business owners?  What motivates you to keep going?

O: I think the biggest challenge is  how much time it can take to create new products with a company like ours. It’s not just about getting the products out there, but really curating an experience for mind, body and soul. Cannabis isn’t just about getting high, this is medicine and it’s extremely important to me that is always our message. I have struggled with anxiety for years and didn’t start using cannabis until my mid 20’s. When medical became legal I learned more and more about the benefits of cannabinoids in anxiety and depression relief. I decided to get my medical card and honestly, it’s been a life changer. I mostly use CBD which is non-psychoactive but has its own dynamic benefits. What keeps me going is that the normalization of cannabis use is important, and normalization in a way that is socially responsible and shows cannabis has wider applications for a variety of conditions.

J:  It’s amazing to see more women coming into this industry.  It’s incredible to see how quickly they’re making an impact and it feels so much more inclusive, and there’s more awareness of the social responsibilities that come with this business.  I hope we can continue to see that trend and I think the men in the industry need to support that.

How was cannabis introduced to your lifestyle?

O: I had tons of friends who smoked cannabis in high school, but it just wasn’t my thing. I graduated college and started working and was constantly stressed out and not sleeping. The medicine my doctor would prescribe me for panic attacks would either knock me out for hours or make the panic attacks worse. I needed something different, and friends were suggesting cannabis as an option. Since then, it’s had a significant impact for me and my day to day routine..

J: I was exposed to cannabis in high school, but never really understood it’s appeal or value until I lived in California.  The cultural approach, strain variety, and being educated on its medicinal benefits really intrigued me. It helped me with mood stabilization, and stress and it’s even helped me in my relationship with food.  When I moved back east, accessibility was a big hurdle so after finding my roots in Massachusetts, I began to use cannabis again. I think my favorite part of cannabis culture is it’s simultaneously both so personal and communal.  Food and Nutrition are very similar so it’s awesome that we get to combine these, give it our own unique twist and share it with everyone.

What’s next for The Baked Lady Co brand?

J:Next up is our registration for the July Market Box, beginning 6/1 and after that we’ve got some amazing creators and makers we’re working with on our fall lineup.  Stay tuned for a lot of newness in not only our edible selection but also in our body care, and in limited edition cannabis accessories. After that we’re looking to 2019 to potentially adapt our products to include CBD or THC options.

Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?

O: We’re in Massachusetts! This a really interesting time for the cannabis scene since adult-use was passed. The New England Cannabis Convention was buzzing with new businesses so it will be really interesting to see how things unfold, especially with how restrictive regulations are for production and sale of recreational products.

J: I think there’s so much potential for this market and my hope is that we can continue to elevate the existing community and educate more people about its potential uses.

How can you be reached?

J: You can reach us at our website: bakedladyco.com, email: info@bakedladyco.com, and on social: @bakedladyco



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