High Noon is creating unique, hand-crafted artistic pipes for the sophisticated connoisseur


Leah Lavergne owner and founder of High Noon believes that there is more to it than what you are smoking. Located in Toronto, Canada, she started creating pipes that are designed to bring you a sense of comfort, sophistication and excitement to you experience. They are hand-crafted, simplistic and 100% unique. No two pieces are alike.

Your pipes are beautifully crafted and unique and I am excited to share your story.Tell us about yourself, how did you come up with the idea High Noon?  

I took up pottery as a hobby a few years ago. I wanted another creative outlet, other than dance, to put some energy into. I began throwing “normal” pieces and soon the soup bowls turned into teeny tiny bowls. I wanted a handmade piece that I didn’t always feel like I wanted to hide.

I love the modern, sexy vibe. Who designs and makes them?  

Me and me. Although, I’ve always been interested in having someone work alongside me.

Who is your ideal audience? Who shops at High Noon?

There is no ideal demographic, except for people that appreciate beautiful handmade pieces. For people who care about making their home as comfortable as possible.

What are your best-selling products and why?

Hmm, hard to say! As for color ways, the pink and the speckle are really popular. In terms of shape, the High Noon may be coming out on top. For me, it’s about the shape in your hand, the choke on the end of the piece allowing you to comfortably use either hand and it doubles as a cute airplane holder.

Do you have to live in an adult-legal or medical state to order products? 

Nope, these are lifestyle products! A sculptural object that happens to be functional.

How was cannabis introduced to your lifestyle?

Through friends. From bedroom floor giggle fests and ice cream binges to sleep aids and natural, effective pain relief. I’m a cannabis lover for all those reasons and more.

What’s the weed scene like in Toronto?

Smallish but filled with some pretty great people doing some really cool things. Shout-out to all the amazing ladies doing their thing in the cannabis community here!

Do you have a favorite cannabis related story or memory?

Oh god, I could sit here and share a million of my favorite stories. Too many to count. I can tell you that most of them involve getting unintentionally too high. Shoot me an email or Instagram DM and I’d be more then happy to tell them all.

How can you be reached?

Instagram is an easy one! and of course e-mail hello@shophighnoon.com. Chat soon!

Photos by Akira Uchida @cloudywave



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