It’s an endless summer with the new Mary Jane Swim collection


Life’s too short to wear boring bikinis!

This week b.Blunt talks to Diane and Stacey about their new Mary Jane Swim collection, a beautiful, modern swimwear line designed to change the perception of the marijuana plant in fashion, while also supporting Athletes for Care, an organization that promotes cannabidiol wellness products as alternatives to addictive opioids.

They have designs for women and men that are perfect for the active athlete, including  triangle and spaghetti strap bikini tops with cheeky bottom for the girls or traditional board shorts for the guys. You can even choose from three tasteful patterns (pineapple express aqua, maui waui green and purple haze blue).

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Mary Jane Swim is a lifestyle brand at the forefront of the movement to normalize Cannabis and CBD. How did you come up with the idea? What were you doing before?

In 2008, my co- founder Diane Walker and I  started a design and production apparel company, Sweenie Manufacturing. We specialize in launching swim and active wear brands for our clients.

Experiencing the daily benefits of CBD in 2017 was life-changing.  Soon after, the idea for Mary Jane Swim was born. MJ is the first and only brand Sweenie owns and truly is our passion project.

I LOVE the OG Kush collection, especially the long sleeve one piece. What inspired you to create this first collection? 

THANK YOU!! With the long sleeve one piece that was designed for active lifestyle,-SUP, yoga and surfing. Our brand is about normalizing the use of cannabis for wellness and promotes an active lifestyle.

Who is the team behind Mary Jane swim?

Diane Walker is a NY based fashion designer. Stacey Demar spent years as a sports marketing professional at Chelsea Piers in NYC. We met in a gym in NYC and combined our strengths. We both lead very active and healthy lifestyles.

Mary Jane Swim is passionate about the wellbeing of athletes and CBD as part of individual maintenance and recovery. So much so that you donate a portion of your proceeds to Athletes for Care. Tell me more about that organization and how others can get involved.

It is an organization founded by former professional athletes who are advocating for research, education and compassion when addressing health issues facing the athletes and the public. They promote CBD and Cannabis as an alternative to opioids.  People can get involved by donating or attending one of their events. Mary Jane Swim will donate a portion of proceeds to Athletes For Care.

What were some of the things that you learned unexpectedly since starting your journey?  Have there been any challenges that you’ve had to overcome?

Most people still have no idea what CBD is or its  powerful, beneficial uses. While it has burst into the food, beauty and wellness scene in NY and LA, it has not quite crossed into fashion in a higher fashion sense. (no pun intended) We still just see giant green pot leaves put on apparel.  Those are both big challenges.

We intend to use Mary Jane swim as a platform to promote CBD and also to introduce the world to beautiful, cutting edge designs that will be large departure from the “stoner culture” apparel consumers have grown accustom to wearing.

How did you get introduced to cannabis, and is it a part of your everyday life?

Stacey-As a lifelong Grateful Dead fan,  I have always been involved in the cannabis culture. But also as an lifelong  athlete and sports professional, health and wellness has always been an integral part of my life.  As I got older, I wasn’t a fan of THC anymore. But then discovering  and using CBD and realizing there were multiple CBD options with little/no THC, it changed my perception.  With Mary Jane swim we are hoping to help change people’s perception of the plant and normalize the use of Cannabis and CBD.

Diane- Growing up in Northern California it was everywhere but not really my thing but CBD is. I use CBD daily for overall wellness and maintenance.

Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?

We are both NYC based.   There are many hemp based CBD brands popping up that are NYC based.  There have also been weekly events from education, to CBD dinners, to fitness based events and they are very popular. CBD is also appearing on the trendy food and drink menus around town.   We know alot of people in the space here in NY and LA.  Everyone has been so warm and welcoming to us and our brand in the cannabis community and we are  so grateful to everyone for that.

What’s next for Mary Jane Swim?

We are wrapping up designing our SS19 line, Seven Leaflets. We will offer mens and womens swim as well as add some lifestyle pieces. All of our products will only be available on line and at cannabis based pop up shops and events.

How can you be reached?

You can visit us at or on IG 


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