#squadgoals: A Fashion Forward Flower and Vape Kit for the girls


The Bloomfield Co. is a high-end vape company specializing in growing organic craft buds in Northern California. They cater to the fashion forward cannaseur, offering organic flower and oil presented in a one of a kind, flawless, discrete vape kit. 

And ladies, these kits are awesome! It is a pack of vape pens designed for “each of your girlfriends” (or moods!) and comes with 4 unique strains, one Sativa, one Hybrid, one Indica, and one CBD blend. It’s clean, high grade and made with love and care. 

This week, we were excited to talk with Brook Sinclair the CEO and founder.

How did you come up with the idea for the Bloomfield Co.? What were you doing before?
Before moving to CA, I was studying International Business and Spanish at Auburn University and La Universidad de Alcala in Spain. I moved to Northern CA shortly after graduation.I began producing medicine for a friend with cancer and the entire experience really fueled my drive and created an even stronger belief in the power of this plant. This became my focus as well as reforming policy and truly standing behind the cannabis movement at a local level. Providing an organic, high quality product is so important when using cannabis as a medicine.Bloomfield was created to provide a consistent high quality brand name that people would recognize and remaining a boutique, family farm is the best way to stay in tune with all the of the plants and their needs and guarantee these results.

How would you describe the Bloomfield Flower?
Bloomfield flower is high quality and grown with care and love. It is a superior product in a very competitive industry. We also our own unique Proprietary strains like my
favorite, Khaleesi’s Dragon. (Check out a review of their other proprietary strains from the LA Beat).

Tell us more about the one of a kind vape kits? Where can you buy them?
The vape kits were an idea I came up with for patients that need a variety of medicine
throughout their day that wanted their cannabis use to be very discreet and classy. It has four vaporizer pens inside of a single kit. The kit has a indica, sativa, hybrid, and CBD for any time ofday or any need for medication. Once you place the pens back into the kit and the kit itself charges all 4 pens at one time.

We have done been doing extensive research and development on our kits for the last couple of years. Our official launch will be this fall and then they will be going straight to dispensary shelves.

BTW: The Bloomfield team will be sponsoring Elevated Yoga Classes with Khara Pechtes @therapeuticsynergy and Ganja Goddess Getaways this weekend (Oct. 5-7) in Coachella, CA

What were some of the things that you learned unexpectedly since starting your journey? Have there been any challenges that you’ve had to overcome? How do you see the competitive environment in the industry?

The industry is constantly growing and changing. The new regulated market has been a large learning curve for all of us involved. It’s hard to see competition within our cannabis family because it is just that, family.

How did you get introduced to cannabis, and is it a part of your everyday life?
Much like most people I began becoming intrigued by cannabis in college and became more
extensively interested in cannabis throughout my 20s, then of course when I became integrated into the community it became my whole life. There is not a single moment of any day that cannabis is not involved. Sometimes it is just a business decision, but it absolutely influences everything I do.

Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?
We are located in the Sierra foothills in Nevada county. The cannabis industry in Northern
California is definitely a niche and influences the community heavily and Nevada county is
certainly not excluded from this. The smell of cannabis is abundant in our small town and a hot topic of discussion for our Board of Supervisors. Trimmigrants flock from all over the world during harvest time. The cannabis community is the heartbeat of our local economy, and we need to have an ordinance is place that allows our small farmers access to permits. We are still pushing for a cultivation ordinance and only have 5 licensed farms in our county. Due to the strict regulations, many farmers due not qualify to apply for a local permit.

What’s next for Bloomfield?
In July we obtained our manufacturing license in Nevada county, so the build out and start of the operation is our immediate focus, but we always have side interests going on and have recently obtained a cultivation permit in San Luis Obispo county and will continue cultivation there manufacturing and distribution from the facility in Nevada county. Laws and ordinances in Nevada county have been slowly coming about. As soon as our local ordinances are adjusted we plan on applying for a local cultivation permit as well.

How can you be reached and where can you buy the Bloomfield Flower and Vape Kit?

You can reach us through our Instagram: @thebloomfieldco OR Email: info@thebloomfieldco.com

Fresh Sun-Grown flower from this year’s harvest will be available at dispensaries when we receive our CA State License. Bloomfield vape kits will be launching later this year, we’ll be making an announcement soon!


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