b.Blunt Review: The Palm Vape

By Eden Rose Llewellyn


Guest blogger Eden Rose reviews The Palm Vape by CCELL.

UPDATE: you can also buy your CCPalm from Vape Parts Mart. They are #1 online retailer for CCell equipment including the Palm you can check out here. Vape Parts Mart is located in Arizona and takes excellent care of CCell customers.

b.Blunt – When you think of a vape pen, most people would immediately think of the long pen-shaped batteries that you see in every dispensary. Some dispensaries will even give them out as a promotional item for free. They come in just about every color, and they typically work “well enough”, until they don’t.

There are other vaporizer batteries on the market which work much more effectively than a typical vape pen. The Palm Vape is shaped like a small rectangle, as opposed to a long pen shape. It’s less than three inches in diameter and is much more easily concealed in the palm of your hand, hence the name. It’s small enough to be able to subtly put your hand up to your mouth and smoke without anyone even realizing something was in your hand. But why would you want to hide it anyways? It looks awesome and unique, and it comes in a few great color options; black, graphite, blue, and rose gold.

What makes the Palm Vape fantastic, besides it’s unique and appealing appearance, is the way the heating system works. It was created by the company CCELL and designed to replace the current most common heating system in vape pens, the wick-based coil. CCELL provides advanced ceramic heating technology, which allows the user to have heat distributed evenly, and avoids the burnt taste typically associated with regular ol’ vape pens. The way this process works is through high temperature sintering, allowing the Palm Vape to vaporize even very high viscosity oils, which often end up clogging other vape pens. With the Palm Vape, users will find themselves taking in huge potent clouds of vapor.

With most cartridges, you remove the rubber cap and just simply screw it onto your vape pen battery. However, with the Palm Vape, there is one extra small step. Included with your Palm Vape will be two tiny round metal pieces which can screw onto the bottom of an oil cartridge. One of them is an extra, just in case you lose the first one. This tiny piece is very important, as without it, your Palm Vape won’t be able to hold a cartridge and be functional! Once you screw it onto your cartridge, you can place the cartridge in the battery, and watch as it is strongly magnetized right into place! Once it is secure, you can begin taking in long slow draws and be impressed at how much vapor your lungs can hold. There’s no button to hold down, and the LED indicator will light up as you draw out the vapor! When you need to charge it, you’ll find that is very easy because it works with any micro USB, which is included. But you won’t need to charge it too often, because this battery holds a very good charge.

You can find the Palm Vape in plenty of dispensaries nationwide. Many offer them with their company logo engraved into it. I bought my rose gold Palm Vape from Urbn Leaf Dispensary, by Mission Bay in San Diego. It had their logo engraved and cost $45 dollars. if you aren’t a fan of engravings and want to keep it nice and sleek, you can find the Palm Vape online, and for usually quite a bit cheaper. Try it with some high-quality oil cartridges, like what you can find from the company Select. Once you’ve tried the Palm Vape, you’ll never go back to your old wick-based coil vape pens! You’ll be bringing your Palm Vape in your pocket everywhere you go, and unlike other vape pens which stick out, this one will actually fit! Don’t smoke it all in one place, and believe me, you’ll want to!

Eden Rose Llewellyn is a cannabis writer, photographer, activist, enthusiast, creative artist, and connoisseur! Located in San Diego, California. Follow her Instagram at Edenrose420, or check out her website at edenroze.com


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