b.Blunt Holiday Review: The Silo by CCELL


b.Blunt guest blogger Eden Rose is back for a special Holiday review of the new Silo by CCELL that can be purchased from Vapes Part Mart.

If you’re looking to find a vaporizer with the latest technology, while also being developed by reliable company that you know and love, look no further than the Silo by CCELL. Fondly known for producing the popular and dependable Palm Vape battery, CCell has recently released their newer, larger battery. This sturdy device is made with aluminum alloy housing. It comes in four distinct colors; black, charcoal grey, navy blue, and rose gold. A breathing indicator light is activated upon inhalation. According to the CCELL website, this battery provides 25% more vapor volume than other brands!

The Silo uses the same ceramic heating technology as its previous evolution, while adding a sleeker and more ergonomic feel. It can be charged using a micro USB cable, and the 500mAh battery lasts almost a full week with semi-regular use! This user-friendly design is buttonless, simply activating upon inhalation, and always providing a bountiful amount of vapor!

Another factor that remains consistent in this new CCELL product is the magnetic connector; a separate metal piece that you screw onto the bottom of your cartridge of choice. Placing the cartridge into the Silo will activate the magnetic connection, pulling the cartridge snuggly into place. Don’t forget to remove that connector piece before you throw out a used cartridge! Unfortunately, the Silo is non-functional without that piece. But don’t worry when you buy it, it comes with two, just in case you misplace one!

The best part? CCELL produces refillable cartridges that can be used with the Silo. There are two options available; theTH2 and the M6T. The TH2 is a ceramic mouthpiece with glass housing, whereas the M6T is a ceramic mouthpiece and plastic housing. They are fantastic because they work synchronously with the device, providing better flavor and potency than you would get if you were to use a cartridge from another brand. That’s not to say that the Silo is incompatible with other cartridges, you can absolutely count on this battery working well with most cartridges. Mine worked well with a few different brands! But using refillable cartridges is a great way to save money! You can buy entire syringes of oil from your local dispensary; essentially, buying your oil in bulk.

If you want to purchase the Silo, you can check out vapepartsmart.com where you’ll find it for only $24.95 plus shipping! They are a great head shop website where you can find CCELL products, as well as other vaporizers and vaporizer parts. Out of the many vape pens I’ve tried, the Silo is my all-time favorite! The shape makes it feel more comfortable to hold, and the vapor draws out very potent, smooth, and flavorful! This time of year is the perfect time to start searching for good deals on vaporizers! At just $25 bucks for such a powerful product, how can you go wrong?


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