b.Blunt Holiday Review: CTFO’s Pet CBD Oil Products


Looking for the perfect Holiday gift for the four-legged friends in your life? 

b.Blunt guest blogger Limus Woods returns for a holiday review of the new pet CBD oil products that can be purchased exclusively from CTFO

Folks across the U.S. have been becoming more and more aware of how CBD oil and the products that are produced from it contribute to better health. But, did you know that your dogs and cats can also benefit from them? It’s true! You see, humans aren’t the only mammals that have built-in endocannabinoid systems in their bodies. And, the way these receptor sites in our brains react to CBD is strikingly similar to the way it affects our pets. For example, if you have an older one who is not feeling as energetic and youthful as it used to, these CBD Pet Products may be just the thing they need to bring back that wonderful vitality they used to feel in their earlier days.

CTFO, which stands for “Changing the Future Outcome”, is a brand that specializes in producing some of the most sought after pet-friendly CBD products in America. For instance, take their Pure Hemp CBD Pet Chew Treats. They come with thirty delicious chewable treats per pack, and each treat contains 5mg of healthy, non-intoxicating CBD oil. If your dog or cat seems to be stressed out, has become unusually sluggish, or is showing signs of anxiety, these are a great remedy for those possibly ongoing symptoms. If your pet is already taking medication on a regular basis, these super healthy snacks can generally be used in conjunction with them. But, you should still always check with your vet to be on the safe side.

Overall wellness is the major concern of pet owners, especially in older dogs and cats. As they age, their joints begin to stiffen, and tend to become more and more inflamed. CTFO’s Pure Hemp CBD Pet Health Oral Sprays and Drops are a wonderful dietary supplement to help manage this almost inevitable upcoming pain. You can give it to your pet everyday, with an option of a dropper or a spray bottle. Add a little to their food, and watch their mood and energy catapult in the weeks ahead. You’ll notice a playfulness and vigor that you probably haven’t seen in your feline or canine in years!

Still, many pet owners have younger or older pets with more common, everyday problems, such a constantly shedding fur. No matter their age, this is always something that is an issue, especially among those pets that just naturally are very hairy. CTFO has this outstanding CBD Pet Conditioning Shampoo that some customers are starting to buy in bulk. It’s main strength is fur loss protection, and contains pure CBD hemp oil isolate. You use it pretty much the same way that you’d use any other pet shampoo, working it into a warm lather during their bath, then thoroughly rinsing it away. But, let me tell you, the calming affect it has on your pet you will definitely notice, along with the bouncy fur it will develop, and the less itchy, much healthier skin.

People stick with CTFO’s CBD Pet Products mainly because they are natural, because of the 60-day empty bottle money back guarantee, or because they use some of the many other human-use CBD oil and/or products themselves. These repeat customers know first hand how wonderful an effect the products have had on their own overall health and well-being. So, it’s not unnatural to imagine their pets benefiting in the same way. They are available online, and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.

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