b.Blunt Talks: Kush and Cute gives good love


This week, b.Blunt sat down with Iyana Edouard, the creator/CEO & production manager of Kush and Cute, an all-natural, handmade, cannabis infused skincare line including body scrubs, massage oils, toners and bath bombs designed to heal your skin from the inside out.

Iyana, and her team, are dedicated to producing and selling products that educate and encourage consumers to understand why cannabis is beneficial in skincare and self care. They are passionate about normalizing the cannabis plant and helping women use nature to heal themselves and make sure lots of time and love goes into making every single item from beginning to end to ensure the best experience possible.

b.Blunt recommends the CBD Bath Bomb or the Wake and Bake Body Scrub for that discerning Diva on your Holiday list. 

Kush and Cute is a natural cannabis skincare line.  How did you come up with the idea/concept for Kush and Cute

The idea came to me to create a cannabis brand after I started worked at another cannabis related job in which I was the only woman working there. They had no idea how to market products to women and what female cannabis consumers liked. Luckily I did. So after leaving that job I started brain storming and came up with the name Kush & Cute, and applied my knowledge to start building the brand. This was also around the time cannabis skin care was becoming more common. However I have very sensitive skin and can’t use most products without fear of a bad breakout so I have making my own DIY face scrubs and masks for years. I decided to try adding cannabis to a scrub recipe and came up with my first product the Wake & Bake Coffee Body Scrub. It kinda just took off from there and I started make more cannabis skin care products and using IG to market and reach customers. Here we are 2 years later and Kush & Cute is still going and growing.

How did you come up with the name?

I have no idea actually I actually came up with the name before anything else it just came to me one day as I was actively thinking about starting a cannabis brand. Once I had the name I knew I had a solid brand and then came up with the ideal product I wanted to create.

What do people like most about your product?

I think people are attracted to two things about our products. One being that they are all natural and hand made. Nothing we make full of fillers and chemicals and words you can read. Secondly the cannabis aspect, more people are learning how beneficial hemp or CBD can be for skin health so people are more open to trying it.

What are you most popular products?

Our CBD bath bombs! We’ve been sold out for months because every time I restock them they are gone immediately. We’re working on finding a more effective way to make a lot and keep them in stock long term. Our beauty oil is probably second runner up, my personal favorite product as well.

Where do you see your product line going next?

I would of course love to see Kush & Cute in dispensaries and head shops but not just in cannabis spaces. I think Kush & Cute, and cannabis beauty/wellness products in general deserve a spot on the shelves of Target, Ulta, other beauty supply stores as well.

What is a #kushcutie?

A “kush Cutie” is what we like to call our customers. Essentially it’s someone who uses cannabis to feel good inside and out. If you use cannabis (THC, CBD, hemp) in your self care or skin care routine then you’re a #kushcutie for sure.

Who is the team behind Kush and Cute? What attracted you to the cannabis industry?

The team is myself, a couple close friends who help with production and operation. And I have some beautiful and super sweet brand ambassadors. I have a full time job as well as managing Kush & Cute so I’m really grateful for the help and support I have received up to this point. And there’s some amazing women in cannabis that I have just been watching and following for years that really have given me great advice or inspired me in some sort of way. The women in cannabis community is incredibly supportive, I credit the community so much for our growth.

In your opinion what is the biggest challenge in the cannabis industry right now, specifically for women? What motivates you to keep going?

Umm…..misogyny and racial disparities. Both. I didn’t think misogyny existed in the cannabis industry for some reason but it does, I’ve experienced it first hand. It’s sad when you really just want to have a genuine business relationship or get business advice from someone and they make it uncomfortable. And then of course cannabis and race have been an issue forever. Black and Latino people still have double the arrest rates for cannabis more then any other race. And that has naturally instilled a lot of fear or POC entering the cannabis industry and then some. I’ll just say this…I’m 100% sure it’s easier to start a weed business as a white man then it is for a black woman. I’m still going because of this lack of women, people of color, and women of color in the cannabis space. There are not a lot of us but we’re growing and it’s really encouraging to see that and see how people speaking out and building businesses is creating more inclusion in every part of the cannabis industry.

How can you be reached?

You can always reach more of ask me a question via @kushandcute on IG, it’s primarily me on the page and I almost always answer DM’s. Also you can email us at Kushandcute.contact@gmail.com


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