b.Blunt Talks Take2: Lady Nowe will help you live your best life

Back in April we sat down with Juliane Nowe (Nowe is pronounced NOW), the soul behind LadyNowe, a cannabis and wellness lifestyle brand targeted to women, to talk about her personal journey to becoming a Cannabis Coach and Yogi, her spiritual perspective on smoking and the challenges for women in the cannabis industry right now. 
Since the legalization in Canada in October, her business has flourished and the b.Blunt team wanted to provide an update on where she is NOW(e)! (pun intended)
Hey Julianne, it’s great to reconnect!  What have you been up to since we last spoke in April?
Hello again! Thank you so much for reconnecting:)
Since last April, I started a podcast called the LadyNowe Show where I share my own stories, insights, consciousness tools and techniques, cannabis education and all the things that have lead me back to my true nature and the tangible tools I use to reconnect when I loose that connection from either being to busy, second guessing myself-all the human things that tend to happen. I also interview others that have turned their mess into their message, their mission, values and philosophy are in aignment with my own and they also offer other insights into “alternative medicine” and a
“different way of doing things” that we may not have already been taught or are not considered the norm.
My partner and I led two retreats in Cape Breton, he became a late stage applicant to become a licensed producer to grow and sell cannabis legally in canada had opened a new Veterans for Healing Social Club here in Fredericton, NB.
We celebrated legalization of cannabis in Canada on October 17, 2018. My love and I organized a huge celebration. We had two bands, food trucks, yoga, meditation, conscious cannabis, singing bowl healing, went to reggage night-just so much fun, freedom and lots of laughter and memories made!
I noticed you have some new Signature Services. Tell me about them.
I have been teaching yoga for 7 years and have been a student for 9, so pairing conscious cannabis with yoga has been a dream come true for me! I now offer one on one and group sessions with the option of doing them in person or virtually. I have also added three different coaching packages. Again, either done in person or virtually. These are great for anyone new to cannabis (medical or recreational) and has so many questions that they need answered and are looking for a conscious experience by being guided in the right direction as to why they want to use cannabis ( socially, or to treat symptoms, both, etc). This is also a great option for anyone that wants to add to their quality of life. I am also a holistic health and life coach, together we look at what foods can be paired with your healing journey that will optimize your well being, what patterns you may be stuck in, what your relationships are like-basically looking at you as a whole and taking action in ways that allow you to live with purpose, from the soul and with genuine joy.
I also just started teaching Reiki Level 1 and am a Reiki Master. I pair this form of healing with my intuitive ability to give readings and coaching. It is so much fun! I have been doing treatments in person for about 5 years and this past year started doing distance healings and readings and felt called and more comfortable to share it with this community and to make this service more publicly available
What is the Conscious Collective? Seems like a great Holiday gift!
I first released this as the Conscious Cannabis Collective, a 8-week group coaching series with one one-hour session with me, unlimited email communication and access with me and a private group to interact with others. I had so many people interested and say so many good things about it, but no one signed up. When I asked people why, I got a lot of the same answers. They felt too intimidated to join the group. Either they felt like they didn’t know enough about cannabis to join the group or they felt like they weren’t ready to talk about cannabis i such a broad way (cannabis is newly legal here so the stigma in some parts of Canada is still slowly changing). I took this info and decided to change the name so it covers everything-yoga, food, cannabis, life, etc and will re-launch this group coaching collective in January 2019. If you would like to stay in the loop on this please send me your email address to info@ladynowe.com and I will add you to the weekly newsletter or you can find the link to subscribe on my website or the link in my bio on Instagram.
Has anything changed for your business since cannabis finally became legal in Canada on Oct. 17?
People have started asking more questions and feel like they don’t have to hide their cannabis usage (thank goodness!) so the conversations about cannabis and/or between me and individuals are getting more frequent and louder. I am hoping for all good things to come from this change:)
Thank you so much for reconnecting and sharing, you guys are awesome!
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