Leaff offers a high-class consumption experience for 2019


It’s the eve of 2019 and we sat down with Laura Falconer, the trailblazer and trend-hunter behind Leaff, an online shop dedicated to curating beautifully-designed cannabis accessories created by female artists and designers.

Laura is dedicated to smashing the stigma attached to responsible cannabis use and shine a light on the growing community of female creators who are changing the face of the cannabis industry.

And she is killing it. Leaff offers some of the most elegant pipes and bongs we have ever seen. We love the Rose vases by My Bud Vase. Monica and Phoebe are our favorites. They are vintage Art Deco porcelain bongs and they are beautiful, modern and functional. We also love the signature Leaff gift box that screams quality, elegance and simplicity. The set contains an aluminum herb grinder in matte white and your choice of natural crystal gemstone pipe.

Be sure to also check out these incredibly stylish stash containers and beautiful one-of-a kind accessories that are a must have for any fashion forward Mary Jane.

b.Blunt prediction for 2019: If you looking for a more sophisticated start to the new year you will find it all at Leaff.

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I love the modern and sophisticated vibe of Leaff.  Tell us about yourself, how did you come up with the idea?  What attracted you to the cannabis industry?
Thank you. My background is in graphic and user experience design and the idea for Leaff came to me after seeing some of the beautiful accessories being created by women in the cannabis industry. I was feeling burned out in my job running a design team at a large tech company and wanted very much to start my own business. I’ve always been a creative person and had reached the point of questioning going any further as a designer, which is when I knew things were bad. I started researching modern, design-forward, cannabis accessories and it was like opening a treasure trove – it brought back an excitement and inspiration to me that I hadn’t felt in a long time. With Leaff I wanted to support designers and artists and also give myself a new creative lease on life. I did my planning, quit my job and launched Leaff. What attracted me to the cannabis industry was the potential for creativity and innovation with passionate and entrepreneurial people. 

Who is your ideal audience? Who shops at Leaff?
Anyone looking for stylish and discrete accessories, pieces you’re proud to have on display. Beautiful objects that break the stigma and normalize cannabis consumption. I aimed the store primarily at women because I love the accessories that are being created by women, for women. 

How would you describe your brand and service to someone who’s new to cannabis?
I describe it as an a online store of high-end cannabis accessories. I usually then talk about the brands I stock and that they all have female entrepreneurs behind them; that these are typically handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces, that were designed for a beautiful and stylish cannabis experience. This can still leave people scratching their heads so I’ll show some images of the accessories I stock. That’s definitely the ah-ha moment for a lot of people and the comment I frequently hear is “I don’t even smoke and I’d buy that!”. It’s great to see peoples eyes opened to what’s available and see some of the stigma and misinformation disappear.

What are your best-selling products and why?
My Bud Vase is a brand that’s really popular. The owner Doreen takes vintage vases and creates bongs from them, they look amazing and you can happily leave these on display in your home. Pre-roll cones from Accoutrements have also been popular, it’s nice to create a pretty joint for a special occasion and not have to worry about your rolling skills. One-hitter ceramic pipes from Wandering Bud and our crystal gemstone pipes are also favourites.

Do you have to live in an adult-legal or medical state to order products? 
We’re accessories only, no cannabis products, and we’re based in Canada. We ship across Canada and the US. 

How was cannabis introduced to your lifestyle?
I grew up in Scotland and came to it in my late teens primarily as a way to rebel. At some point in my 20s I decided I had to “grow out of it”, this seems strange to me now but there you have it. In my late 30s, after my kids were born, I took a renewed interest as a way to relax and unwind that didn’t involve alcohol. I’m now in my early 40s and was diagnosed 2 years ago with Celiac disease, I’m still mainly a recreational consumer but I’m finding new interest in cannabis as it relates to gut health and autoimmune disease.

Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?
We’re located in Squamish, between Whistler and Vancouver in BC, Canada. Legalization is new and still a work in progress but it’s very interesting to see things roll out. We have great craft growers that I’m continuing to support. 

Do you have any New Years resolutions?
I do but I’m not sure they’re very interesting! I’d like to disconnect from my phone and social media more, get back to reading lots of books and get more sleep.

How can you be reached?
My store can be found at leaffshop.com and you can drop me an email at hello@leaffshop.com


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