Parlez-vous Francais? Allume will get you Lit.


This week we traveled to Montreal, Quebec to talk with Camille Chacra, the founder and brilliant creative director of Allume, an online marketplace where both the cannacurious and seasoned tokers can explore discreet, beautifully crafted products from established and emerging brands. 

Allume, in French, means to light up, “lit” and a bit wild is a destination designed as a multi-dimensional platform to give you discreet access to all the essentials that will help you live your best elevated life. 

Their signature item is The Chill Box a high-quality subscription box that typically feature 5-8 carefully curated items such as glassware, papers, pouches, ceramics, fragrances, and ash trays.

The January edition is themed around a “New Year, New Leaf” and includes Hush Kush joint holder pouch, Twist Papers rolling papers & crutches, an exclusive Vee Mercier photo print, a Perce & Co. handmade rolling tray, Milkweed “Hand of God” enamel pin, and Quintessential pure hemp rolling tips. You can purchase a single box or sign up for a three or six month subscription. 

Check out all the Allume lifted essentials.  Vous allez l’adorer!

Tell us about yourself, how did you come up with the idea for Allume? And, what attracted you to the cannabis industry?

Simply put, I’m a 26-year-old Montrealer who loves her cannabis! I started out my professional life as a journalist, but moved on to public relations soon after. It really wasn’t something I was genuinely passionate about, but I carried on nonetheless until I found myself in the world of weed.

However, I’ve always been passionate about cannabis; I smoked recreationally for a few years, before turning to the plant as alternative medicine after a friend of mine educated me on its benefits. And then one night, at a house party, the seed was officially planted (no pun intended). An acquaintance asked me to pass him his shoebox, which contained perfectly compartmentalized cannabis and accessories. Stoned, I told myself “You need to create a subscription box.” Didn’t think I’d actually do it, but here we are today.

To be frank, nothing specific about the industry attracted me; the demand to offer women beautifully curated, high quality accessories is what truly pulled me in.

Who is your ideal audience? Who shops at Allume?

My ideal audience is anyone who loves cannabis! Though of course, my main demographic is women. What’s amazing and inspiring is that it’s not homogenous; women from all walks of life shop at Allume! Mothers, doctors, lawyers, students, you name it.

Tell me more about Allume’s signature product, the Chill Box. How does it work?

The Chill Box is a subscription box filled with cannabis lifestyle essentials, which vary month to month. Items may include ash trays, pipes, papers, incense, candles and serums, among other things.

Choosing every piece is a labour of love; in addition to including established brands, I actively seek out budding (no pun intended) artists in the cannabis and wellness spaces. I try to create an experience that enhances one’s routine. In terms of memberships, customers can either order a single box (one-time order), or discounted 3 or 6 month plans.

What other products do you recommend? Anything specific for new cannabis users?

I’m obsessed with Laundry Day’s pipes. They’re the epitome of high design, and the quality is A+. For the cannabis user, I’d suggest opting for an array of items so that you can see which method(s) of consumption you like best; papers, pipes, maybe a little bong if you’re feeling adventurous! In fact, we’ll soon be launching a starter kit for cannabis neophytes! Stay tuned… we’ve teamed up with some awesome brands.

I love that Allume is not just a one-dimensional shopping experience. Tell me about the Collective

Thank you! The collective is basically a space where you can find information regarding cannabis; interviews, round-ups, guides, and so on, written by talented voices in the community. We also have a podcast called The Grass Ceiling, which will be back soon (exciting news coming!). Overall,  I’m really looking forward to developing the collective even further with photo series, events and more.

I strongly believe that as legalization spreads, it’s crucial that we work towards reducing stigma; what better way than to put out information and start a discussion? Every company in the cannabis space should consider this a social responsibility – to enlighten, whether it be through a blog or organization. Even simple social media posts are contributions!

How was cannabis introduced to your lifestyle? Do you have a favorite cannabis related story or memory?

I originally smoked recreationally every now and then; maybe 2-3 times a month, nothing too frequent. It really wasn’t part of my daily routine until about two years ago when a friend told me there were great health benefits for people like me who suffer from chronic migraines and epilepsy. I applied for a prescription, which was a game-changer. In addition to using cannabis for those conditions, it’s become a great addition to my self-care regimen. After a long day, I love smoking to unwind and disconnect.

 Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?

Montreal, Quebec! People are relatively liberal here. I’ve always smoked in public and never had any issues. In fact, there are even informal weekly gatherings (starting in the spring) called the “Tam Tams”. Basically, hundreds of people gather at Mont-Royal mountain in the city to hear a symphony of bongos and smoke weed. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s beyond chill – especially on a summer day! Now in terms of brands, the offering has always been fairly limited, but things are shifting post-legalization. Since Quebec has strict cannabis laws, we might not ever have a rich cannabis scene like what you see in Vancouver or Toronto… but you never know!

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