b.Blunt Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Valentine's Day

Roses are red, violets are blue, here’s a KUSHY Valentine’s Day gift guide just for you.



Défoncé Chocolate Bars

Eat your heart out.

Surprise and delight your favorite chocoholic this Valentine’s Day with Défoncé Chocolate Bars. These chocolatiers only use sun-grown, single-origin cannabis and high-quality chocolate ingredients to craft California’s finest infused chocolate bars. They offer exquisite flavors like Vanilla, Milk chocolate with malt and caramel, Coffee, Mint, Hazelnut and classic Dark chocolate. Each bar is 90 mg of THC but can be broken into convenient, 5 mg micro-doses to take before, during or after your Valentine date.

Where to Buy

Leaff Shop Fumée Galante Marble & Cherry Wood Storage

I can’t believe how hard I’ve fallen for you.

The perfect stash jar for the new love of your life. These jars are made for the design-forward Casanova who loves simplicity and luxury. Hand picked and polished marble lids are gorgeously set upon a hand crafted cherry wood jar to keep your flower fresh. Available in two types of marble: white with light grey veining or silvery-grey/pale pink with green veins.

Promo code: BBLUNT = 15% off

Buy Now: $71 CAD

Blue Dream Brides Valentine’s Bouquet

P.S. I love you.

Whether you are buying flowers for your Mom, your #BFF that just broke up with that asshole, or your one-and-only, Blue Dream Brides specializes in floral bouquets for your special day or just for a special someone on Valentine’s Day!

PROMO Code: BBLUNTDAILY420 = 10% off

Buy Now: starting at $250

The Pleasure Parlor WaterSlyde

Everything about you turns me on.

This little-known gem is AMAZING for so many reasons! There are a million couple’s toys on the market, and Valentine’s Day is great… but really, if you can’t love yourself first, who can you love?  Whether you are flying solo for Valentine’s Day, or prepping for a hot date, The WaterSlyde is the perfect way to treat yourself to a self-love sesh.


Buy Now: $24.99

Stigma Matte Grinder

I just wouldn’t feel complete without you.

Looking to grind with the one you love? The Stigma precision grinder has been engineered to perform just as well as it looks. It has four sections with matching threads offering customization – take the top off and use it as a two piece, or remove the screen section and use it to store your green. The top layer has 16 diamond shape teeth to easily grind your favorite herb.

PROMO Code: BBLUNT= 20% off first purchase

Buy Now: $29.00

420 Books “Healing with CBD” Special Edition Box

I can’t believe how perfectly we were made for each other.

Get your bae this one time only special edition box to help them discover how CBD can help improve their everyday. This gift box includes a copy of “Healing with CBD” by Eileen Konieczny, RN., Pure Bloom CBD Tincture, Forbidden Leaf hemp lip balm, Pure Relief topical salve & My CBD travel pouch & bookmark!Imagine all the ways your love muffin will thank you.

PROMO Code: BBLUNT = 15% Off this special edition

Buy Now: $25.00



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