b.Blunt Talks: Nuvelio Naturals


This week b.Blunt sat down with Zack Perdue, founder of Nuvelio, a natural CBD Health supplement that he created to help his Dad’s personal battle with cancer.

The 300mg spearmint-flavored full-spectrum CBD oil tincture is their first product to hit the market, and in addition to helping fight the side effects of cancer treatment, has been scientifically formulated to induce feelings of sleepiness and tranquility and help reduce stress, anxiety, and pain. 

There is less than 0.3% of THC in their CBD Oil and is a great product for newcomers. It’s tastes good and won’t get you high. You can even try risk free for 60 days!

I think the story of how you started Nuvelio Naturals is beautiful. Can you tell us again what inspired you? How is your Dad doing?

Thank you. My father was diagnosed with colon cancer and I began researching what kind of natural remedies might be able to help him. My mother is big on holistic health so I took a lot of inspiration from her and started looking into the medical cannabis world. After researching, I found out about Cannabidiol and how it could potentially help with cancer treatment. After the diagnosis, my father underwent an operation which removed a portion of his colon and put the cancer into remission. About a year later, during a routine checkup, doctors unfortunately discovered a node in his lung.The cancer had come back, but this time as stage 4 lung cancer – that’s when I talked with my mom and we decided to put him on CBD. After speaking with his cancer doctor about his condition, we sadly didn’t have much hope. CBD was really the last thing that could help him since chemotherapy wasn’t a viable option for him at that point. However,  after a checkup with his doctor following the chest scan, the cancer doctor was surprised that his cancer hadn’t grown much larger. This gave us much hope, thanks to CBD. This feeling of hope for my family inspired me to start a CBD business and bring this positive feeling to as many people as I could. But it’s not only good for helping with cancer symptoms; it’s great for relaxation, anxiety, pain, sleep problems and much more.

Unfortunately, cancer wasn’t the only issue my father had; he had also been battling liver disease for the past few years as well. His liver struggled to handle all the medications that the doctors put him on and he ultimately ended up passing away from liver failure. I continue to push forward, however, spreading hope and positivity to others.

And that’s exactly what Nuvelio stands for – and I’ve already succeeded in helping so many with all sorts of issues from anxiety to helping patients with cancer explore additional holistic treatments.

How did you come up with the name?

My business partner and I were thinking of names over a couple of weeks and I suggested Nuvelio at some point and we liked it. After looking at some logo designs, my partner had noticed something about our brand/logo. If you say Nuvelio backwards, it reads “Oil”. We celebrated and went with our current logo.

What do people like most about your product?

Most people are very skeptical of CBD Oil. So when I started receiving emails and positive reviews of how CBD has helped them it’s really exciting. My customers really enjoy how well CBD actually works for them and that it’s a natural alternative.

What are you most popular products?  

Right now we carry only one product – Full spectrum CBD Oil Drops. We will soon cary other types, though.

Where do you see your product line going next?

We are actively working on a few new product lines. I can’t get more specific than that at this time, butI can give a few hints – you’ll be able to drink it, smoke it and eat it.

What is the #NUVELIOTRIBE?

The Nuvelio tribe is a group of like minded people who enjoy the benefits of using Nuvelio CBD. We have a Facebook group and an email newsletter service where our tribe gets exclusive first looks at new products as well as product discount codes and educational content about CBD. You can sign up on our website at the bottom https://nuvelio.com/.

How do you become an official Nuvelio Naturals Ambassador?

We accept applications if someone is interested in becoming an Ambassador. However, we don’t let everyone attain that title. There are specific requirements you can read more about on our Nuvelio Ambassador page.

In your opinion what is the biggest challenge in the cannabis/CBD industry right now? 

Without a doubt the biggest challenge is breaking the stigma of where CBD comes from. Since it comes from the Hemp plant and many mistake Hemp for Marijuana (because it looks very similar) they tend to be hesitant to try it. Even though you can’t get high from CBD, it’s still one of the biggest concerns.

Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?

I’m based in Michigan. Legislation just passed that will make recreational marijuana use legal in the coming months.

 How can you be reached?

You can reach me through our contact form on https://nuvelio.com, our Instagram page https://instagram.com/nuvelio and our Facebook page.


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