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This week, b.Blunt was excited to connect with Tristan Watkins, Chief Cannabis Scientist, at LucidMood to learn more about their disposable “sipper” pen that is all about elevating your mood without clouding your mind.

Tristan and his team have created a product that will let you live your best cannabis experience, without the “stoney” side effects (fogginess, forgetfulness, paranoia). The pens, that come in a variety of “moods”, are a “mild and dialed” botanical blend of THC (40%), CBD (40%) and Terpenes (20%) designed to deliver a clear and functional high.

The b.Blunt team highly recommends LucidMood pens. They are affordable, discreet and you can buy one to match all of your moods! Check out where you can buy them now.

Tristan, you are the Chief Cannabis Scientist for LucidMood, but have a PhD in Neuroscience from Vanderbilt. First, what is a Chief Cannabis Scientist and then what attracted you to the cannabis industry?

To be honest, Chief Cannabis Scientist is my dream job. It means that I dedicate my time researching the numerous compounds found in cannabis, how they act in the brain and body, and how do different combination make people feel.  The goal here is to understand the cannabis plant well enough to create products that deliver on specific effects — effects that are exactly what a particular consumer wants.

I’ve always had a passion for researching relatively unknown subjects that have the potential to make a large impact. Indeed, cannabis can provide a variety of medicinal benefits, and is a relatively low-impact recreational product to use.  It does come with some concerns though. The product options are highly confusing to many, they deliver unexpected effects, and the strength continues to increase. These may not be concerns to the seasoned consumer, but they are massive concerns for the new user.  My goal is to decrease these concerns as much as possible.

How would you describe LucidMood to someone who’s new to cannabis?

LucidMood is cannabis for the rest of us.  Our products are focused more on the effect than the high.  You most likely have a particular use case for cannabis, and we wanted to create products that match your needs.  Have a social event tonight that requires you to feel energetic and sociable? Try our Party formulation. You only want cannabis to help you sleep?  Well, we created a Sleep mood for just that. Cannabis can be variable, confusing, and even scary. We took all of that out so you can experience just what you want — without compromise.

What do people like most about your product? How does it make them feel?

People can trust our products.  Trust that they will deliver the expected effects.  Trust that they won’t find themselves way too high. Trust that our products are discreet and fit your lifestyle.  

Our products elevate your mood without clouding your mind.  You will experience a mild high from the THC, and then a specific effect from the added terpene profile.  Our current offerings include Party, Energy, Chill, Relief, Sleep, and Calm — something to fit any part of your week.  

What are you most popular products? Where can you buy LucidMood products?

Our best sellers are Party and Calm.  But that doesn’t mean people don’t love Sleep and Relief for their more medicinal effects or Energy for its bright and engaging effect.  

You can find LucidMood in CO, NV, MD, RI, and DE.  We will also be in MA and CA by July. There is a locator on our website that lists individual dispensaries.  

Where do you see the LucidMood product line going next?

We have two big advancements on the horizon.  First, we are launching THC-free products that still deliver specific effects, but not the high.  The first mood will be Unwind, for those stressful days when you can use a bit of help to keep your mood level.  

We also have a fast-acting lozenge in development.  The effects will begin within 2-3 minutes and only last for about an hour.  We believe that this timeline will give the user more control over the experience, and hopefully you agree.  

If you could invite three people, (dead or alive), to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?

I apologize but I have to choose four.  Obama, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Kacey Musgraves, and Childish Gambino (Donald Glover). Obama needs almost no explanation.  Ignoring his obvious political accomplishments, he is an amazing role model for everyone, and especially for people of color.  Similarly, AOC is just such a badass woman that fights for what she believes in and represents. I am in awe of what she has accomplished so far, what she deals with on a daily basis, and her ability to remain strong and powerful.  Then there is Kacey Musgraves. She is all about openness and inclusion, even while singing within a genre of music that historically is not. Her music has a strong message of inclusion and unity. Separate groups share more similarities than differences, and anyone working to show that is an inspiration.  I’d also invite Donald Glover because everything he touches turns to gold and I want to know his secret.

Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?

We are based on Boulder, CO.  The cannabis scene is pretty huge, but it isn’t flashy.  My mother visited me last year and was surprised at how little cannabis seemed to impact day to day life.  There aren’t smoker circles sitting in the park and huge cannabis leaf flags flying around like some would expect. Instead, there are well-run businesses and fantastic R&D efforts happening.  There is still plenty of room to grow, but the cannabis industry acts pretty much like any other industry.

How can you be reached?

You can always email me at tw@lucidmood.net or check out the brand’s Instagram @lucidmood .

You can also check out our pop-up events and promotions.


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