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Hey ladies in the place, I’m callin’ out to ya! This week we sat down with Ann Shuch, founder and Boss Lady of Erbanna, a brand of high fashion, odorless bags and cases that hide the smell of cannabis.

A graduate of Parsons School of Design, Ann was tired of carrying around her smoking accessories that left a smell in her purse and wanted to do her part to crush the stigma of pot smoking by creating a discreet and sexy product that would “bring women into the new cannabis age on their own terms”.

These bags are not only odorless, but cost effective and functional. They also come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. The KAM is our favorite, but there are so many choices and there is no doubt you will find the perfect one for your lifestyle and occasion.

Hands down, it’s the best bag you will ever own!

How did you come up with the idea/concept for Erbanna ‘Stash in Style’?  What were you doing before you founded Erbanna?

As with most ideas this came out of a personal need.  Let me start from the beginning.  I was out with some friends and I pulled out a case that a friend of mine had gotten for me. She knew that I had been looking for something discreet and smell proof because I was tired of announcing myself! Although a nice gift, it was pretty unattractive and not something that I would carry, but I loved the concept! I decided to see if this brand had anything for women.  They didn’t so I looked on line for other brands and couldn’t find anything.  Colorado had just become rec legal. At the time my daughter was living in Montana and I had to fly though Denver, so I thought, “I’ll take a few extra days, stay in Denver and check it out!”  Although I had a lot of fun searching, (and visiting dispensaries), I still could not find anything that I would consider for women.

When I came home, I spoke with some friends who suggested I make it myself.  I’m a designer, but making it myself was a little intimidating.  I thought okay, I’ll make “a” bag.  Boy was I naïve!  I quickly found out that in the fashion industry you really can’t make just one thing, especially in the women’s fashion industry, women need choices.

So here I am, almost 5 years since I had the idea to make a bag and now Erbanna has 37 sku’s and is a cannabis storage company.

Before I founded Erbanna, I had a lifetime of experiences, all preparing me for what is turning out to be one of the hardest but most fun things I’ve ever done!  I graduated Parson’s School of Design and always appreciated a good aesthetic.  I have a long time connection with weed and here I am lucky enough to merge together the two things I love at the most exciting time in weed history – I had to try!

What are you most popular products?

Our most popular products have been the Emily/Rae/River and our locking bags, the Jenny. And now we’ve just exploded with the addition of our humidors.

How do I pick a bag that is best for my lifestyle?

I’d ask first, are you looking for something to store at home, in your nightstand or is it to take to a party or friends house?

Are you a big purse person or a small purse person?

Do you smoke a pipe, blunt, vape pen?

Do you need a lock (teenagers at home? Curious toddlers?)

Once you’ve answered these questions then you can begin!  If you are a big purse person, like you carry a tote bag, then any size will fit in your purse.  Then it’s a matter of buying what appeals to you and will fit your equipment.

If you are a small purse person, then you would probably want an Emily or a Penny (if you vape) so that it will fit in your purse.  We also have the KAM which is a great crossbody that has slots for your credit cards, fit’s just about any phone and has a snap out smell proof bag so you can just take that and go!  The great things about our bags is the price – you can buy more than one and not break the bank.  So, you can have one in your nightstand, like the Mindy, that holds a lot and then when you want to go out – pop what you need into an Emily and you’re set!

Where do you see your product line going next?

Our new line is about storage.  The Cannabis Humidors are now available and are already popular! As with our bags, I wanted something that had function and beauty.  Our boxes have beautiful exteriors and organized interiors. They keep the humidity inside which you can monitor.  Right now, we have two different sizes, but will be bringing more styles of boxes in soon.

Where can you buy Erbanna bags and cases?

You can buy Erbanna on-line at Erbanna.com and in many retail smoke shops and dispensaries across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico!  If you don’t see them in a store near you, ask the owner to reach out to us!

What were some of the things that you learned unexpectedly since starting Erbanna?  Have there been any challenges that you’ve had to overcome?

Whenever you start a new business there are challenges.  When you are pioneering a new space there are even more challenges. When it’s in the cannabis space, you hit the trifecta!  When I started Erbanna, most distributors and wholesalers didn’t believe that there was a female audience.  Getting them to try us was very difficult.  The marketing was also tough.  Even though we don’t touch the plant we still can’t sell on Instagram and Facebook, and our ads can’t mention cannabis in mainstream advertising.  Our bags are a new concept, if we can’t state our bags usage, then they become just another cute bag. They are cute, but it’s their function that makes them different.  The good news is now, they get it!  We have distributors and stores calling us because they need women’s products. Until recently, I think a lot of women were still worried about the stigma associated with a woman getting high. Once states started becoming legal, more women started coming out “green.”  Everyone is now realizing that there are a lot of us out there, our buying habits are much different then our male counterparts, and they need to carry women’s products !

If you could invite three people, (dead or alive), to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?

There are many people who are brilliant, creative and have changed the world. But when I think about having someone to dinner, I want to have fun, laugh, and be engaged. So I’d say; Richard Branson, Gene Kelly, The Dahli Lama

Richard Branson because he’s the entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur!I would love to pick his brain on his process and talk to him about all he’s accomplished.  He’s a dynamic global leader, philanthropic and someone I consider a great humanitarian, plus he believes in fun!

Gene Kelly because I think he was an amazing dancer and he also always seemed to be having fun!His athleticism and grace kept me glued to the screen as a child. I would love to have him at a dinner party, perhaps we could share an after-dinner dance!

The Dahli Lama because it would be my dream to meet this man.  He preaches his religion as kindness, something which is at the essence of my core and I wholeheartedly believe should be practiced daily by everyone.It would be an honor to just listen, absorb and learn. Being with someone who has reached such an incredible state of wellbeing, would be the ultimate experience.

 Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?

I live in NJ and the weed situation here is not great.  Although many people smoke weed, and it’s fairly easy to acquire, the problem is the government (isn’t it always!)

On the upside, Gov. Phil Murphy has taken us light years ahead of where Chris Christy had us, with a lot of talk about legalization, but the issue is the tax. Like everything else in NJ taxes are too high and they want to do the same thing to marijuana.  The last article I read said there will be a $42 per ounce tax on marijuana.  In my opinion, that is too high and that will have NJ shoot itself in the foot.  No one is going to want to pay that much more just to get it legally when it’s not a problem to get it from the black market. Most have been doing it for so long, I believe that they will continue with this path.   Their dealers are getting smarter and carrying what the dispensaries carry anyway.  NJ should take this rec legal, put a 12% tax and in a year reassess.

How can you be reached?

You can reach me at info@erbanna.comwhich goes straight to me or our toll free number 844-477-9779.  Also, through Instagram and Facebook messaging @erbannastyle.   


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