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This week b.Blunt sat down with Sublime brand ambassador and self professed corporate hippie, Rebecca Wierman.

Sublime, based in Arizona, is in the business of producing really, really good, high quality medical marijuana products. They offer a collection of products that are made with a Champagne Distillate, which is a proprietary process that uses the whole cannabis plant and food grade pure ethanol to extract all the available cannabinoids. The result? A solvent-less, 100% bioavailable, Champagne colored product that contains 92%+ total cannabinoids. With just one bite of the Lemon Tea Cake or application of the Stoney Yoni massage oil, you will taste and feel the difference in the quality.

These trailblazers don’t practice Santeria or have a crystal ball, but they are committed to producing clean, healthy, and tasty medicine for your best spiritual and physical health.

Rebecca, it’s so great to connect! Tell us more about Sublime
Sublime is a vertically integrated cannabis company in Arizona. We were founded in 2014 by a small team of friends who had a passion for cannabis as an alternative medicine. In 2015 after extensive research and development we began producing our small-batch, master-craft edibles, using our solvent-less and flavorless, ethanol extracted Champagne Distillate. We began making just 6 edibles— now we are producing over a 100 different edibles, topicals, tinctures, concentrates, and growing top-shelf flower. Sublime also carries the licensing to manufacture and distribute 4.20 Chocolate and Korova, two popular out-of-state brands.

How did you become the face of Sublime Brand?
It all started with a simple Instagram post! Sublime had contacted me to create some sponsored content. All the company values lined up with mine and it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. After a few months of posting sponsored content and building an amazing relationship with our Brand Manager, Rickie, I landed a full-time position with the company as their Brand Ambassador. This is dream job!

What attracted you to the cannabis industry?
It’s simple– Passion. Passion is the one thing that exudes from every individual I meet in this space. Passion unites this community, giving us the power to educate and to help end the stigma associated with cannabis consumption. This industry is exciting, it’s scary, and it’s always changing, but with passion we won’t give up the fight. 

How would you describe Sublime products to someone who’s new to cannabis?
We craft our products with the patient in mind throughout the entire process. Our goal at Sublime has always been to cultivate the best, cleanest cannabis medicine possible, while ensuring our patients can access safe, quality medicine at a fair price.  We pride ourselves on the standards we uphold when crafting our products. The Arizona industry does not currently require testing, but at Sublime we are in-house and 3rd party testing our products to ensure quality and set industry standards with each small-batch product that we craft.

What are the most popular products?  Where can you buy Sublime Brand?
Our most popular product is our Lemon Tea Cake. It’s the number one baked good in the State of Arizona based on units sold per year. It’s a moist lemon cake with a fresh blueberry drizzle containing 50mg of THC.  However, my personal favorite Sublime product is our Stoney Yoni! Stoney Yoni is our coconut oil based personal massage oil. It’s great as a lubricant or topical and offers relief for many of our female patients suffering from pain during sex, vaginal dryness, or dysmenorrhea. Sublime is found in 90 dispensaries across the State of Arizona. Our products will be available in Oklahoma on 4/20 and we have some more exciting expansion plans in place for the coming year!

If you could invite three people, (dead or alive), to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?
The first invite would go to Lacy Phillips, a manifestation advisor who strays from the “think positive” and “visualize” method. If it weren’t for her courses, I don’t think I ever would’ve had the courage to quit my legal job and take the leap into the cannabis industry. Then Snoop Dogg. This is just a given. And last but definitely not least, Allen Ginsberg, my favorite poet. I remember being an angsty teenager, smoking a joint, reading his work and being absolutely fascinated. There’s something so grounding about bringing people from all different backgrounds together. You’ll always learn something and I feel like I could learn so much from these three insightful beings.

Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?
Our dispensary is located in Casa Grande, AZ, but we cultivate in Downtown Phoenix. The Arizona cannabis program is still in its infancy— in 2010 medical cannabis passed with 50.1% of the vote. Our recreational initiative failed in 2016 and AZ lawmakers are still heavily opposed to cannabis legalization in Arizona. The Arizona Supreme Court is currently hearing the appeal of State v. Jones, a case stemming from the arrest of Rodney Jones, a medical marijuana patient, charged with possessing hashish— a cannabis derived product that the State is alleging is not covered under AMMA. The outcome of this case will not only determine Mr. Jones’ future and status as a patient, but the future of 180,000 other AZ MMJ patients who rely on extracts to medicate, including children. However, with these challenges, the community continues to come together to advocate and educate others on the importance of cannabis as medicine. 

Do you have a favorite cannabis related story or memory?
It’s so hard to choose just one! Cannabis has truly brought some of the most incredible people into my life and every new day makes me even more grateful. With that in mind, a feeling I will never forget was when I walked through the doors of our cultivation facility on my first day of work and thought to myself, “You’re home. This is where you belong” and every day when I walk through our facility and say good morning to all my co-workers, that feeling never changes. 

How can you be reached?
If anyone has any questions about Sublime or future collaborations, I can be reached by email at rebecca@sublimeaz.com.  I can also be found on instagram for all things Sublime related @sublimeinsider, or on the account that started it all— @thecannawitch.




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