The 420: House of Puff


Meet Kristina Adduci, founder of House of Puff, an online retailer that creates and sells essential smoking accessories for the modern woman.

Inspired by art and design, House of Puff offers a highly edited selection of beautiful products designed specifically for the “Do It All” woman who view smoking as an opportunity to enhance their lifestyle.

“Everything in this business is very male-centric in how it’s designed, or it has a very industrial or “dead-head” vibe too it. For me, I was looking to create a product that spoke to who I was as a person. With a background in the arts, aesthetics are very important to me, so I wanted to create something I could leave out on my coffee table without feeling embarrassed to own it,” Adduci said.

When I asked her who she would invite (dead or alive) to a dinner party, she said, “Edith Piaf. Hearing her voice just brings me such joy and comfort. She grew up singing in the streets of Paris, even though it was forbidden during that time. I respect a woman who gives zero f*cks and hustles and follows her passion. I envision we’d share a glass or two of Eaux” de Vie.”

“Neil Degrasse Tyson. I have an extreme obsession with space and astronomy so dining with Neil would be a dream, even though he was responsible for  reclassifying Pluto as a dwarf planet, I could overlook that. He grew up in NYC and his mother is Puerto Rican, so we have a lot in common. Plus, I’d love to hear the juicy details on how he recommended to James Cameron, the Director of Titanic, to change the night sky in the movie because it wasn’t accurate!”

“And finally, my Mom. My Mom is by far the most brilliant, fun and classy lady there is. She’s my biggest fan and supports me in everything I do. We have this obsession with small English towns where there is only like one bar, one store and that’s it. We’d find a pub, order fish and chips and drink lots of wine. Watch Escape the Country on Netflix and you’ll see what I mean!”

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