b.Blunt Talks: The Baked Lady Company, self-care for the Common Good


This week b.blunt got to #VIBEHIGHER with The Baked Lady Company (TBL), an online marketplace that specializes in full spectrum CBD body care and treatment products that have positive impacts on your body, mind, and soul.

Since TBL’s beginning in 2016, co-founders, and long time friends, Jordan and Olivia, have been finding inspiration in their mutual love of culinary arts, cannabis, and horticulture by creating and curating cannabis products that contribute to the normalization of cannabis or what they call “The Common Good.”

All of their products are developed by hand, using organic, full spectrum hemp oil provided by Nuleaf Naturals and personally tested by themselves and their team. They just released four new premium scents that are designed to help you recharge and rebalance. Super Lemon Haze (Citron & Mint), Trainwreck OG (Pomelo & Freesia) and our favorite, Blue Dream (Elderflower & Nightbloom), and Headband (Jasmine & Yarrow). They smell ah-mazing! 

We love the terpene gift sets that include a premium massage candle and roll-on infused with rich terpenes and organic cold pressed full spectrum hemp oil. It’s the perfect one, two punch to relieve stress and relax this summer and what’s even better? b.Blunt readers can take 15% off their first orders using the promo code bblunt15

Jordan and Oliva, great to see you again! A lot has changed since we last spoke, tell me about the new TBL brand.

Yes, it’s been a year big year for development! We are seeing firsthand that there are a lot of challenges that face small businesses, especially those trying to start up in a new industry. We needed to step back and re-evaluate what we wanted to accomplish with The Baked Lady

As a company, we knew we really wanted to celebrate the whole Cannabis plant, not just THC specifically, which is why we launched our full spectrum CBD body line a little earlier than planned. Hemp provides high-quality CBD while not having the same licensing requirements as cannabis products containing THC. 

But The Baked Lady needs to bake so we will be back to our roots soon.

What were some of the things that you learned about the industry in the last year? 

Sadly, the one thing we have noticed is that the cannabis industry is still very much a boys’ game. However, we’re seeing the growth of women-led brands who challenge the way cannabis and canna-products are being marketed, sold, and even designed. We are hoping to not only set up our own line of products but to be a launching pad for those creators/makers in the industry who aren’t quite sure how to brand their product or those exploring the new market. 

What are the new products

We’re rolling out new body care and treatment lines that focus on using multiple parts of hemp. We’ve used these products to craft signature scents that elevate the individual strain terps we use, providing an aromatherapy element. For example, we pair botanicals like Trainwreck OG (high in Myrcene, a natural anti-inflammatory) with fragrances like pomelo, freesia and pink grapefruit. The Elderflower & Nighbloom with Blue Dream strain terpenes was inspired by the moonflower we use, and warm nights on a garden porch.

We have great massage candles and roll-ons that feature full spectrum CBD hemp oil with over 130 active cannabinoids in each fragrance line, and we’ll be adding more seasonally.

What do people like most about your product? How do people use them? How does it make them feel?

Since we only have topical applications, the effect is more localized, but we have had rave reviews for the massage candles and rollers from customers with arthritis, and other conditions which cause chronic aches and pains. We see a lot of positive feedback from mother’s, athletes, and baby boomers returning to the new age of cannabis. Our body line was designed to integrate into your current self-care routine seamlessly. 

Where do you see your product line going next?

We’re expanding the body care line with new signature terpene fragrances, along with new products, which will be available in all the scent profiles. 

We also have some fun collaborations coming up with local artists and cannabis craftswomen, and we’re working on some creative ways to educate our customers on how to include cannabis in their own cooking and baking.  You could say we have a few buns in the oven. 

If you could invite 3 people (dead or alive) to dinner, who would it be and why?

Olivia – Julia Child, my personal hero. I grew up watching her cook, and she is one of my greatest inspirations for bringing love into the food I make.

Jordan– I love that idea. A cannabis dinner party with Julia Child would definitely be at the top of my bucket list. I personally, would have to invite Carrie Fisher. I’ve been a Star Wars fan since I was a kid, but what I love most about her craft was the delicate balancing of critical self-awareness, humor, and a devastating wit.  

The third dinner guest we agree has to be Cathy Bates simply because… it’s Cathy Bates.

Haha! Good, I would like to be invited to your dinner party too! So, the #womeninweed mantra? Why “When in doubt, throw it out”?

We had a good laugh about this one. It’s not just a typical food safety practice that we run into in our line of work, but it also extends to the old adage that we don’t need to continue to carry things with us that aren’t of use, including negativity, or unresolved issues.

Here here! Be sure to use the b.Blunt code for 15% of your first order. And follow them @bakedladyco


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