The 420: Jenny’s Baked At Home

baked at home

Meet Jenny Argie, mother of three, breast cancer survivor, femtrepreneur, cannabis advocate and founder of Jenny’s Baked At Home, a lifestyle CBD brand that offers a full line of hemp products for the Kitchen, Body, and Soul.

What inspired you to start a cannabis business?

I’m a believer in functional medicine, in using the power of natural foods to balance your mind and body, heal yourself physically and spiritually, and address the underlying causes of disease. After I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I couldn’t find a natural remedy to help me feel better. Then I discovered the healing properties of hemp, a multifaceted plant that’s been used for thousands of years for wellness, healing, and peace of mind. I felt like I’d been reborn.

What are JBAH’s most popular products?

Our most popular products are the Gluten-free Chocolate Brownie Mix, the Ginger Tincture, and Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil (hint, use the Coconut Oil in the Brownie mix).

The Ginger Tincture gives you energy and settles the stress that builds up day to day. It can be enjoyed at night and in the morning. We recommend putting a drop in your coffee or tea!

The Brownie mix is great for boat trips, hikes, gatherings, and picnics. Our JBAH family loves these, for the taste and the fact that they are gluten-free and have raw cacao.

Finally, everyone loves the Coconut Oil. Use one teaspoon daily in your coffee, tea, soup, salad dressing, or smoothie to help reduce inflammation, and stress. It will also improve your sleep, promote digestion, and increase circulation and blood flow. You can also add it to your beauty regime and it makes the Brownie mix amazing.

What’s next for Jenny’s Baked At Home?

We filmed a program in Las Vegas with Viceland and will be launching a new website with educational features this summer. We have also recently been awarded the NY License holder to cultivate, extract and distribute!

Who would you invite (dead or alive) to a dinner party?

I would invite Marie Curie. In spite of being a woman and poor in the late 1800s, she was determined to educate herself. She dedicated her life to helping those who were terminally ill. She set the stage for female physicists, scientists, and mathematicians to be taken seriously and valued. She endured heartache when her husband died at a young age and had to raise her children on her own. She subjected herself to radioactive material in hopes to find a cure for cancer. She sacrificed her safety during WWI to drive mobile X-ray machines to the front line to save men’s lives.  I would like to talk to her about her journey, and ask her if she ever thought of an alternative cancer treatment and what she thinks about cannabis and the way it works with the human body.

I would also invite Mae West.  She understood what it meant to be a risk taker.  She committed to being the businesswoman and artist that she was and she made no apologies. When asked about her adversaries and controversial career, she said, “I believe in censorship. I made a fortune out of it.


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