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This week we sat down with Amber Ryan, co-founder of Baked Hippies Co. an online marketplace that sells products to help end our cannabinoid deficiency. Her #cannasquad includes her Mom and two best friends and these fabulous ladies are pushing boundaries to give women access to the high quality products that we all deserve.

Amber, it’s so great to finally connect. Tell me more about Baked Hippies Co?  Who is the team behind the brand?

We are a small, but mighty team, myself (Amber Ryan), as CEO, Joanie Swindle, COO, Bonnie Schoenfeld, CFO, and Regina Kane, CMO. Joanie, Regina, and I have been friends for a couple of decades now and Bonnie is my mom. We started this journey in 2014 to help end the cannabinoid deficiency and we wanted to offer our friends and loved ones a variety of products at the quality we believe they deserve.

Tell me about your online store

Right now you can buy KartKushion which is a protective device for your vape cartridge. We have all lost too much of that special oil when an accidental drop occurs. With a KartKushion, that drop won’t smash your stash.

We also be offering additional products that are infused with a full-spectrum hemp extract, sourced and 3rdparty lab-tested in the United States. They are all edibles. One is sweet. One is sour-ish. One is savory. Florida is getting close to rolling out their hemp program and once the rules are in place, our items will be available nationwide. 

We also offer t-shirts, totes and socks through Etsy.

How would you describe your brand to someone who’s new to using cannabis? 

We were all new to this lifestyle at one point or another. Starting with CBD only products CANNOT hurt you. The worse thing that can happen is your deficiency gets decreased!  We were created to consume cannabis on SOME level because our bodies are made that way. 

Our brand is made up of four women who have loved nourishing our endocannabinoid systems long before it became legal for us to do so. We would never sell something we don’t already consume.  

What motivates you to keep going? 

The biggest challenge for me is balancing (sometimes juggling and dropping things) being a mom, therapist, and entrepreneur. There aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve said for years I can sleep when I am dead. Those early morning and late-night hours are many of the most productive work hours of my week, especially for Baked Hippies Co. 

We are continually motivated to keep creating and building our cannabis brand by the pioneers in this journey and the will of the American people. The tipping point has passed and any politicians that aren’t listening to their constituents will be left behind. 

How was cannabis introduced to your lifestyle? Do you have a favorite cannabis story?

My best-friends little sister shared cannabis with me in my early twenties and it changed my life. I was a “Just Say No” kid raised in the era of the draconian D.A.R.E prevention and education model being peddled across the U.S. That experience began a 19-year inquisition into why I was lied to. During that time, I have learned what is so special about this plant that can help in so many ways. 

Favorite story of all time is Christmas two years ago. My mother in law was standing on one side of the kitchen. I came in the back door and leaned against the kitchen sink listening to the conversation that was being held. After a few minutes, she gasps “Oh no! I smell a skunk! I hope it isn’t in the house!” I immediately started laughing and told her she didn’t have to worry because the only skunk she smelled was me. I also told her being called stinky is considered a compliment in many of my circles.

Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?

Our base of operations is in Lake Placid, FL. In the past, we have had to drive to the coast to visit a dispensary but now there are a few retail locations that are making deliveries out here in rural South Florida. Edibles have not been ironed out in Florida’s arduous law-making process for medical cannabis so in the meantime we decided to roll out CBD-only edibles and innovative merchandise.

Finally, who would you invite, dead or alive, to a dinner party?

The Dank Duchess, Janis Joplin, & Chelsea Handler.

Follow Baked Hippies Co at @bakedhippiesco or check out their online store where you can buy #kartkushion. b.Blunt readers take 25% off with b.Blunt1219


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