b.Blunt Reviews: PCKT One Plus Vape

PCKT One Plus Vape and Chill

PCKT One Plus Vape: Compact Cannabis Vaping Battery 

The battery of your cannabis vaping dreams is here. Or at least I think it is. The PCKT One Plus battery is sleek, it’s compact and it’s durable. Heavier than most batteries, when you hold it in your hand you can feel the quality. It isn’t like those other 660mah batteries that feel flimsy and like you’re going to need to replace them within weeks or months of purchasing them. The PCKT One Plus is a quality battery that will house almost any 510 cartridge with the twist of a magnetic adapter. The PCKT One Plus comes with two magnetic adapters, one for your go-to half gram cartridge and one for your favorite full gram. 

PCKT Vape in Purple

Sleek Design with Functionality 

When it comes to batteries that fit a 510 cartridge, none look better than the PCKT One Plus. Not only does it come in 5 different colors for you to choose from, but it is one of the safest batteries on the market. With a 5-click on/off feature and pass-through charging, this is a battery you can put in your pocket or stow it in your purse and not have to worry about things bumping into it and turning on. 

The PCKT One Plus glows while you’re inhaling and you can manually fire the battery for 15 seconds, giving you the ability to take as big or as small of a hit as you want. There are also 3 different power settings, low, medium and high, so you can decide how much voltage you want to hit your cartridge with. And the last perk of the PCKT One Plus is that it shows you how much battery life is left in the PCKT One Plus with the click of a button, literally. Just click the button once, and it will give you a green light, indicating the battery is fully charged, a yellow light for 50 percent charge and a red light for less than 25 percent charge. Now you’ll never leave the house guessing how much charge you have left in your battery. Pick up your PCKT One Plus today, and elevate your cannabis vaping game.


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