b.Blunt Reviews: Fenix CBD


Organically Grown Hemp Flower 

We recently had the amazing opportunity to attend a Food Flower Future Cannabis-Infused dinner, where we connected with some incredible brands and industry experts.  One of which is the owner and founder of Fenix CBD, a Los Angeles based company that offers artisanal, organically grown, pesticide free hemp flower. 

We initially tried their Sour Space Candy strain that was paired with the desert item at the dinner, and we’re instantly hooked. After the dinner, we connected with Fenix CBD and were able to try an array of their other strains and even got to preview their new CBD oil. Here’s what we loved about the Fenix CBD phytocannabinoid rich hemp flower and oil. 

fenix cbd products

The Strains, The Pre-Rolls & The Oil 

Let’s start with the pre-rolls, because who doesn’t love something that comes ready to smoke. All the strains that are grown by Fenix CBD are offered as pre-rolls and are organically grown, direct from farm, hand sorted, pesticide free, fresh crushed buds, never trimmed and 3rdparty lab tested. So you know exactly what you’re getting from Fenix CBD every time you order: the purest, dankest legal hemp flower. 

We tried the Sour Space Candy, Elektra Kush, Blueberry Muffin and Hawaiian Haze strains in the 1 gram pre-rolls and they we’re all really nice. The Sour Space Candy was our personal favorite, it offered a great taste, slow burn and an energized after vibe. Perfect for smoking before getting into something creative or going to hang out with friends as it wasn’t overwhelmingly calming but offered a mellow vibe with an energized mind. 

The flower itself was quite exquisite. Just looking at the flower you could tell that each one was hand sorted and freshly crushed. The smell of each strain is unique, but one thing they all have in common is that they smell ah-maz-ing. Like can I live in this container forever? We thought about it. Our favorite strain of the flower was the Blueberry Muffin. It was best enjoyed as a dessert, after dinner and before bed as it deeply relaxed the body, muscles and brought a calming peace to the mind. 

Last but not least, the pre-released CBD oil from the Fenix CBD sister brand Elevar Wellness. This 500 mg broad spectrum CBD Hemp extract oil is made CBD isolates from organically grown hemp, organic MCT Oil and custom terpene blends. We’ve been mixing a dropper a day into a morning smoothie to fight sore muscles, fatigue and overall grogginess. It’s a great mood stabilizer that helps get you through the day without having to light one up. 

Fenix CBD is a Must Try Brand

This was our first time ever smoking CBD flower and it definitely won’t be our last. The flavor, the quality and the effects are all something to take note of when it comes to Fenix CBD. At b.Blunt Daily we’re all about supporting ethical brands that are positively impacting the cannabis community and we believe the future is very bright for this brand. If you’re looking for something new to try in the CBD world, whether it’s oil, flower or concentrates definitely give Fenix CBD a try. 


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