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For women that like to smoke weed.

This week we reconnected with our BFF’s from Glassy, a high-end, high-style, cannabis accessory shop, where the fashionable feminist cannabis connoisseur can choose from a beautiful collection of curated pipes, apparel, and accessories.

Glori and Cassie, it’s so great to see you. Give me an update on what’s new at Glassy!

Glassy’s been expanding! We’ve added awesome new products, like our selection from LA-based artist Emily Hillberg. She finds vintage ashtrays and teacups and fucks em up with sick slogans (ex: Smoke Weed Every Day, Pussy Power) as well as a Bad Bitch Hello Kitty Pipe we’re obsessed with! Check em out here. 

Aside from the new products, we’ve also been hosting pop-ups all over New England, and we have a bunch of events in the works! Follow us @shop.glassy to find out where we’ll be next.

Nice! I love it. What are your most popular products this summer? 

Our most popular product is our Peach Pipes which are made by hand by Humble Pride Glass in Portland, Oregon. We sell them in three colors, the most popular is the crème de pêche, a true peachy color. People love ’em because they’re super cute and a great price for a hand-made artisanal glass piece ($38!).

You Do You.

So, you know. I always ask. What is your favorite phrase, quote, or motto?

This one’s easy – YOU DO YOU. “You do you” has been our motto since before Glassy existed, and it’s even featured on our first exclusive apparel design. The phrase has gotten more popular recently, and we love hearing it. We want people – especially women, to feel empowered to do what they want to do, not what they think they should do, or what someone else thinks they should do.

And, aside from using this phrase for day to day decision, we also hold it as an important tenant of our political views – as long as nobody gets hurt, YOU DO YOU. Wanna smoke weed recreationally? You do you. You feel like the gender you were assigned at birth doesn’t represent you fully? Do you. Represent yourself, empower yourself, you do you. 

Dead or Alive

AND, if you could invite three people, (dead or alive), to a dinner party, who would you invite and why?

Oooh, that’s a tough one – we’re going to say, Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson, creators of Broad City AND Michelle & Barack Obama because it’s our fictional dinner party and we can invite four if we want to! We’d smoke weed and talk shit and have lots of laughs and have a blast!

Visit b.blunt Shop to check out the all the pipes, lighters and t-shirts at Glassy.


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