The 420: Puff Pass & Paint


Tap into your inner Picasso or Bob Ross

This week we sesh with Heidi Keyes, artist and founder of Puff Pass & Paint, the first ever cannabis-friendly art class, and an affiliate of Colorado Cannabis Tours.

How did you come up with the concept for Puff Pass & Paint, a cannabis friendly art class, and what attracted you to the cannabis industry?

I started Puff, Pass & Paint in Denver in 2014 upon cannabis legalization there. I was already working as an artist and doing some teaching, and a friend suggesting that I start “one of those wine and painting classes… but with weed”, and we had a good laugh about it. I put the first classes on Facebook and they sold out immediately, and I very quickly realized it was not only something that I cared about, but that other people were excited about too. The rest is history! We now have 13 locations around the country and are expanding to even more as more locations legalize cannabis. 

Who’s the team behind your brand?

I have two business partners, Michael Eymer and Charles Conti, who started Colorado Cannabis Tours. Puff, Pass & Paint and CCT merged in October 2015, to create We have an amazing team of artists, instructors, and tour guides around the country, and we always do our best to work with incredible local artists who can add their own personal styles to the classes.

420 Friendly Smoke

What can attendees expect from your event?

Puff, Pass & Paint is a 2-hour BYOC class where you can legally consume cannabis while being creative— two things that go hand and hand! PP&P offers step-by-step instruction but if you want to do your own thing, we encourage that too… this is more about enjoying the experience than creating a perfect piece of art. 

Where can our readers go to take one of your classes?

We have locations in Denver, Washington DC, Oakland, Los Angeles, Orange County, Boston, NYC, San Diego, and more… there are 13 locations total. Visit to find all of our options and get your tickets.  

Dead or Alive?

If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party who would you invite and why?

Michelle Obama, Ilana Glazer/Abbi Jacobson (from Broad City… they count as one, right??), and Bob Ross – Michelle, because she is an inspirational badass and I’d love to be her friend, Ilana and Abbi for incredible cannabis comedy relief, Bob Ross because he brought art alive for millions of people around the world and has the best show ever to watch when you’re stoned.

Follow Puff Paint & Pass at @puffpassandpaint


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