b.Blunt Talks: Half Baked Bus is for the hippie in all of us


Half Baked Bus has everything you need to roll into the high life

This week we sat down with Hannah Rubin, founder of Half-Baked Bus, a traveling headshop and online store selling handmade cannabis lifestyle products.

A crafter and nomad at heart, Hannah travels all of the US selling artisans goods and hosting pop-up events from her tiny home. All of the products (you can also buy online) are either handmade or hand-crafted in North America to ensure high quality and to support the “buy local” movement.

We love the “highly curated” monthly subscription service that includes cannabis essentials, like a ceramic banana pipe with matching ash tray and Kush Kover air fresheners, inspired by Hannah’s travels and delivered right to your door!  You can choose either the Half Baked Vannah Box or Half Baked Bus Box

If you have commitment issues, check out the Fully Baked Bus Gift Box or the Fully Baked Gift Bags Box which are the perfect party favors for your next event.

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For the hippie in all of us

Hannah, it’s great to connect! We are excited to learn more about Half Baked Bus? How did you come up with the idea?

The Half Baked Bus started when I purchased a 1968 bus conversion off of Craigslist. It was used by a music group while touring and converted to a mobile tiny home. Vanlife and Cannabis have gone together since the beginning of the Hippie movement. I wanted to create a brand “for the hippie in all of us” incorporating my Half Baked Bus into a lifestyle product line. Now I travel through America selling at events and festivals. Throughout my travels and van life adventures, I ended up meeting a group of local artisans in North America. They helped me create a line of cannabis lifestyle products based on mHalf Baked Bus. 

What attracted you to the cannabis industry?

It represents a lifestyle.  Cannabis started off as a medicine for me. I used it initially as a medical patient to deal with my insomnia. What started off as medicine grew into a passion. The thought of getting to define a newly budding industry excites me. 

In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge in the cannabis industry right now, specifically for women? What motivates you to keep going? 

The hardest issue with starting a business in the cannabis industry is knowing where to begin. There are all the hurdles of a traditional business from financing to marketing. Even though I am not selling canna is itself, problems still arise from being in a regulatory grey market which impacts banking and compliance. Usually, a lot of cannabis companies go in with the financing “lined up” to deal with these issues. For women, it can be even harder, and trying to start a small business on a limited budget can be hard when trying to figure out how to tackle regulations. 

I am continually motivated by the creativity of my artisans. It is important to create a brand that supports artisans in the United States and Canada.  

Vanlife and Cannabis have gone together since the beginning of the Hippie movement

What do people like most about your Gift Boxes

The Half Baked Bus Box is based on my 1967 tiny home bus. The Vannah box is designed to look like my old camper van. People love having their own Tiny Home Bus Box containing “made in America” paraphernalia and delivered to them monthly. I work with local artisans to create themed boxes for each month. Each month has a fun theme.  I got a lot of compliments on our “Hannah Banana” themed box with a made in Detroit ceramic banana pipe. 

When’s your next pop up event

Our Pop-up Pillow Parties are launching in September. We are adding Blank license plates to the flat Half Baked Bus felt pillows. I will bring iron-on letters and stuffing with me so guests can build their own Half Baked Bus Pillows. Each guest can have their name ironed onto the license plate during the event. 

Where are you located, and how can our readers connect with you? 

I am located online and at events and festivals. I also can plan Half Baked Bus Pop-up Event anywhere in America.  Readers can connect with me through my email halfbakedbus@gmail.com.

If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, to dinner, who would you invite and why? 

Jack Kerouack, Stevie Nicks and Willie Nelson to talk about the hippie movement, vanlife, and Cannabis.


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