b.Blunt Reviews: Bailey’s CBD for Dogs


Pictured: @chloebeethefrenchie

Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Oil and Omega Hemp Chews

If you don’t know by now, CBD is safe for use by everyone and their moms, and dogs are no exception. Since dogs, like humans, are mammals, they have the same endo-cannabinoid system and can benefit from phytocannabinoids. Woah, that was really scientific. Basically, what that means is that our dogs can absorb CB the same way that our bodies absorb it, and the benefits are ah-mazing. 

We recently got to try out some of these wonderful CBD powered products courtesy of Bailey’s CBD. Their CBD dog products are derived from organically grown Hemp (heck yeah!) with the goal of helping our pets live health, age gracefully and feel complete. This brand doesn’t end at the great products it makes for your dog, the Bailey’s brand is rooted in transparency, integrity, giving back and rescue awareness, so honestly, what’s not to love?  

Great for Dogs Old and Young

We got the chance to test both the Full Spectrum CBD Oil and the Omega Hemp Bacon Flavored Soft Chews on a puppy and an older dog. Our findings, simply put, were that there are benefits for both older and younger dogs. But let’s dive a little bit deeper into how the age and size played into how these doggos reacted. 

The Young Frenchie (1.5 years old – 18 pounds) 

+ Loved the Treats  | – Was not a fan of the Oil 

When it came to administering, she LOVED the bacon flavored soft chews and ate them without any hesitation. The oil was a bit more of a process, I tried administering it orally and she was not a fan, also tried putting it on her food and she was not having it. So if your dog is a bit of a picky eater, I suggest going for the treats as a safe option. 

When it came to benefits, I really love the mood stabilizing properties of CBD. My little Frenchie can get a bit of an attitude if she doesn’t get enough sleep or exercise and having the CBD treats definitely helps to level her out. She’s also a bit anxious at times, and I’ve found that the treats really help her mellow out and relax when she’s all wound up. 

The Mature Boxer (12 years old – 80 pounds) 

+ Loved the Treats | + Loved the Oil 

Unlike the young Frenchie, the mature Boxer knew how to party. He easily enjoyed both the soft chews and the hemp oil. We administered the oil orally, rather than putting it in food. For larger dogs, you need a lot more treats than oil to get the right dosage so from a price perspective, this is definitely the more affordable and long lasting option. 

As far as benefits, the benefits for older, larger dogs are incredible. Not only do you get the benefits of mood stabilizing and anxiety relief but this is coupled with anti-inflammatory properties that ease the aches and pains of the joints (especially the hips). After just a few days of regular use, we could tell that he was feeling younger and happier. Not only was he a bit more mobile, but he was happier and smiling like his old self again. It was a truly incredible transformation.

Bailey’s is Making Healthy Pets, Happy Pets

If you’ve been thinking about giving CBD a try for your dog, we highly recommend it. There are literally no side-effects that we know of and have seen some amazing results using some of the Bailey’s CBD products. But don’t just take our word for it, give them a try for yourself and let us know what you think! Use code BBLUNT15 for 15% off! 


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