b.Blunt Talks: High Style Brewing


This week we sit down with Charlie Reed, VP of Marketing & Sustainability for High Style, California’s premier THC-infused, non-alcoholic craft brewed beverages.

Born, brewed and bottled in the heart of San Diego’s renown craft beer scene, High Style’s commitment to quality sourcing, consistent dosing, sustainability and outstanding flavor are a testament to the company’s love of both craft brewing and cannabis.

Providing a whole new take on adult beverages, High Style Brewing has truly elevated the meaning of “best in craft.”

Life is short. Live it elevated with us.

Charlie, it’s great to see you! What drew you to the craft beer industry? 

Personally, I’m dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability and positive community impact through innovative and responsible business. I’ve found that consumer products, such as food and beverages, is an easy way to connect with people about agriculture, climate change, and their own health while providing quality options that enhance their lives. More and more consumers are realizing the power of their purchases and voting with their wallets: a movement both immediately necessary and deeply exciting to be a part of. I was previously working in the plant milk and coffee space and believe that food, especially plants, is medicine and should be used as a force of serious good. The chance to help build a brand pushing boundaries in both beer and cannabis was one I couldn’t bear to pass up.

What was the inspiration behind High Style? 

High Style stemmed from a mutual love of craft beer and cannabis and the desire to drive the industry forward by marrying the two. Our company’s objective is to provide consumers with an innovative cannabis consumption experience that not only delivers on taste and quality but also provides an uplifting and consistent high, all in a familiar, socially-acceptable package. We believe that beverages will play an essential role in the normalization of cannabis into the mainstream and are thrilled to continue innovating in the “adult beverage” category. I love that our products resonate with consumers for so many different reasons, from the lack of alcohol and hangovers to the low-calorie count and from the subtle, completely plastic-free packaging to the fact that we don’t cut any corners in our brewing process. High Style is building a broad and deep consumer base, as the brews are proving to be approachable and desirable for high-frequency users, the “canna-curious” and everyone in between. 

California’s First Alcohol-Removed, Cannabis-Infused Craft Beer

What’s your favorite or most popular haze? 

My top pick is the newly-launched Grapefruit Haze! Based on a Hefeweizen recipe, I find it refreshing, crisp, and perfect for summer. We have a feeling it’s going to be a big fan favorite. 

Where can people find your THC infused beer?

Right now, consumers can find us at licensed dispensaries throughout the state of California. We are looking to expand into other recreationally-legal states soon – stay tuned! Our store locator can be found here: https://www.highstyleca.com/findus

No hangover

If you could invite 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party who would you invite and why? 

Such a toughie, but I would have to say, Alice Waters, Rachel Carson, and Senator Kamala Harris. Fingers crossed Alice would offer to cook though.


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