b.Blunt Reviews: Meraki Terpene Infused Crutches


A Crutch You Can Depend On

Imagine you have a hand full of fresh marijuana nuggs in your hand. The first thing you’re probably going to notice, besides the texture of the weed itself is the smell. That smell you’re smelling is the terpenes. Terpenes are responsible for how marijuana smells and what the strain itself will taste like. And what Meraki has done is they’ve harnessed those terpenes into the first of its kind terpene infused crutches. And let me tell you, they add a delicious element to any joint.

Find Your Peace

Every cannabis user has a different reaction to weed. Some people can feel anxiety when they smoke. If you’re one of those people, the Peaceful TIP is right up your alley. Infused with a proprietary blend of food-grade terpenes, this TIP was made to help suppress the unwanted anxiety and paranoia that can be associated with particular strains of marijuana. 

The Peaceful TIP helps you focus less on the Mary Jane and more on your peace of mind. The terpenes used in the Peaceful TIP are natural elements like lavender, patchouli and cloves that encourage relaxation and can help lessen anxiety. It’s the perfect addition to any joint, and I found it particularly enjoyable before bedtime. 

Boost Your High

For the cannabis users that don’t necessarily struggle with the anxiety or paranoia that can be caused by consuming cannabis, comes the Sayonara TIP. This TIP has a completely different blend of terpenes, geared towards boosting the relaxing properties of marijuana. Use the Sayonara TIP to heighten your marijuana senses and elevate your canna-experience. 

And the great thing about Meraki TIPS is that you’re able to use them up to two times if you properly store them after use. That’s right. Not only are they made of all natural elements, they’re reusable as well. Meraki crutches are the thing you never knew you were missing in your joints. 

Pick up your very own Meraki crutches here and let the terpenes take your cannabis experience to a whole new level.


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