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abby adams

This week we sat down with Abby Adams, pop musician, medicinal cannabis advocate and digital marketer based in New York. Abby is the founder of Ginger Kitten Media, a small digital media agency, and is an affiliate marketer at Tribe Tokes.

As a medicinal cannabis user, her own journey to finding a cure has inspired her to become an advocate for the industry. She works to raise awareness about the truly life changing benefits cannabis can have on chronic illness and supports causes that push for legislation in these areas.

Abby, It’s so great to connect. Tell us, what drew you to the cannabis industry? and what kind of impact are you having on cannabusiness today? 

My experience as a Visual Snow patient in the medicinal cannabis system drew me to the cannabis industry. I want more research into therapies to treat more rare illnesses.  I’ve been through the system.  Patients need regulated, safe, researched options. 

I advocate, attend educational events for groups like Women Grow NYC and Cannagather,  and am starting my own small digital media agency.  I’ve helped coordinate an event at Clipper Coffee for Women Grow. 

 No advocacy or action in a community is too small. Small acts of kindness build, and when the tipping point arrives, change happens.

Abby Adams

I connect with other female entrepreneurs, and shop at the CBD businesses of those further along than I am. Heads up, Wendy and Colin from Artemis House and Kym B from TribeTokes are so caring, and that sounds shameless, but it’s honest.

Tell us more about your new freelance project, Ginger Kitten Media. What is it and when is it launching?

Ginger Kitten Media has an expected launch in Spring 2020. It’s a small project that I’m working on – an umbrella for some freelance work. 

We’ll be creating agile digital marketing campaigns for creatives in music, entertainment, wellness, and cannabis advocacy. Event coordination, affiliate marketing and end-to-end strategy for entrepreneurs seeking genuine connection with their audiences in New York City and the surrounding areas.

Overcoming Chronic Migraines with Medical Cannabis

Do you have a favorite cannabis related story or memory? Tell us about it!

The moment my vision cleared up for the first time after a lifetime of highly disrupted vision from Visual Snow, a few years of Chronic Migraine, and many side effects from “traditional” medications.

 Visual Snow comes with static as an overlay on top of normal vision, and it disappeared for the first time in my life.  It was only for a few minutes, but my doctor adjusted my medicinal cannabis recommendation – It was beginning to work. I currently have a great team of doctors willing to stick with me through the chronic illness hustle.

I just knew that more studies relating to Visual Snow, CBD along with other therapies could one day help many more patients. Cannabis advocacy is about more than just adult use and recreation.  It’s about allowing scientists to do the research necessary to treat patients with severe, difficult illnesses. 

Legislators need constituents to educate them about this, and organizations like Start Smart New York and Women Grow work tirelessly, sharing resources for patients and adult use cannabis advocates alike.

Please see The Visual Snow Initiative for more info on VS. 

Harriet Belag-Lange, Tanya Osborne & Linda Solomon

If you could invite 3 people dead or alive to dinner who would it be and why?

Harriet Belag- Lange, sculptor in the Bronx, she taught me the value of perseverance and hard work.  A woman who taught and sculpted furniture until age 90, when she passed away, is an inspiration to me as one of her former students. Obituary found in The New York Times.

Tanya Osborne, entrepreneur and Tri-State Market Leader for Women Grow. She’s been a great mentor to me, as an entrepreneur.

Linda Solomon, Adjunct Professor at Manhattanville College, a fierce advocate for the arts, who’s focus on accuracy and detail helps me focus my work daily.

Be sure to connect with Abby Adams on Instagram @abbyadamsmusic or LinkedIn


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