Pass the Blunt: Sabrina Rebolledo on Motherhood and Cannabis


‘Pass the Blunt’ is a new content series where we give members of the cannabis culture to share their high-deas on the canna-community.

This week we passed the blunt to Sabrina Rebolledo a modern stay at home Mom and a freelance writer. She is advocating for creating a safe and comfortable community for Canna-Moms to educate themselves and find the support they need to be true to themselves. She has started hosting networking events that focuses on motherhood and cannabis.

Breaking the stigma begins at home

As the Cannabis industry evolves, the stigma is diminishing, and Mothers are slowly stepping out of the Cannabis closet. Some with experience and some new to Cannabis but both with the same concerns. Where do I start, what will others think, and how do I get people to take me seriously? I can only speak from the experience and what has helped me, which was educating myself, finding support, open conversations, and making sure I do my part to end the stigma. The Cannabis industry is advancing, and the resources are out there.

Educate Yourself

As a Canna-Mom, it is important to educate yourself about the many benefits this plant has to offer.

  • Start by determining if you’re consuming for medical or recreational purposes (either way, it’s perfectly fine).
  • Know your limits, learn your strains, and begin the trial and error process but not while you’re parenting alone.
  • If you are new, start small; start with a low dose edible, a few hits here and there, and recognize the effects a Sativa, an Indica and a Hybrid has on you.
  • An Indica can make you feel drained/sleepy or provide the calmness you’re seeking; Sativa might heighten your anxiety or give you just the right amount of motivation to get you through your Mom’s duties, and a hybrid might be a perfect balance.
  • Take the time to do your research to learn about the plant and the many ways Cannabis can be used. Learn about the different compounds like THCA, CBN, CBCA, CBDA, and how they are beneficial.

It is hard enough as a Mother to make friends and find support. Utilize the resources social media has to offer. I am originally from California when I moved to Arizona, I wanted to make friends but not just any friends. I wanted to find other Moms who were interested in play dates and smoke sessions. I created an Instagram @wholetmebeamom to focus on motherhood and cannabis. I began to be open about Cannabis and Motherhood. Soon I found women with similar interests, made friends in my area, and now I write for a local magazine to bring awareness to Canna-Moms.

Mothers Mary Community is a great support group for Canna-Moms

Not everyone has the option to come out of the canna-closet due to laws, religion, and family, so If being on Instagram is too bold, try out Mom groups on Facebook. I know I know the phrase “Mom group” is enough to stop anyone in their tracks, but believe it or not, there are some really supportive groups out there. Mothers Mary Community is a great support group for Canna-Moms. They empower women and support Mothers by encouraging them to be their “authentic selves” and providing these Moms with tools to “break the molds and stigmas of society.” When you have support, it is easier to be open and confident.

Be honest with your kids

To talk about Cannabis is to normalize Cannabis. Kids are naturally curious, and if they begin to ask questions, be honest according to their age and maturity. My son is 2, but soon I will explain that this is “Mommy’s medicine,” or this is something that is for adults like alcohol. Once he is old enough to understand, I will explain to him that I use Cannabis to alleviate the symptoms of PTSD like anxiety and insomnia. I will inform him of why others may be using it like chronic pain, seizures, cancer, and since I want to be honest, enjoyment. I will let him know that he should wait till he is of age because his brain is still developing, and it could affect him long term. I can’t keep his friends from offering it to him, and I can’t stop him from trying it. Still, I can be open and honest in the hopes that he takes in this information and makes rational decisions. Open discussions are not just for children but also for your peers.

If your friend is complaining about not sleeping well or is having pain recommend THC or CBD if they have a rash, recommend a CBD balm, treat it as you would any other aid. Don’t be afraid of judgment use your knowledge to educate them on how and why it helps you and how it could help them.

You are not alone

Most importantly, a huge part of ending the stigma is setting a new image by showing society we are just like every other Mom and not the washed out, lazy, low life people picture when they use the word “pothead.”

  • Carry the essentials eye drops and hand sanitizer.
  • Make sure you’re keeping up with your daily responsibilities as a contributing member to your family and society. Sometimes when people find out someone partakes in Cannabis, they have this fear that their loved one will somehow change, not realizing you’ve been consuming this whole time without their knowledge.
  • Continue being yourself and show them Cannabis does not define you because breaking the stigma begins with those around you.

Mothers can relax while enjoying being in the moment with their kids

Ultimately breaking the stigma is making sure the shame that hovers over Cannabis is a thing of the past. It is ok to consume Cannabis. Still, the key to being a pro-active Canna-parent is knowing your limits, having open conversations, and being a good role model.

Cannabis is helping people all over the world with their mental health, seizures, cancer, and chronic pain, just to name a few. Mothers can relax while enjoying being in the moment with their kids. To the mothers hiding in the garage for a quick smoke break, to the ones who carry their vape pens like a security blanket, and to the ones fearing judgment – you are not alone.


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