The 420: Latiecia Smith, Creator of Blew Glew

Latiecia Smith Creator of Blew Glew

Who You Rollin’ With?

This week we sat down with Latiecia Smith, the trailblazing creator and founder of Blew Glew, an all-natural cigar and rolling paper sealant. Let’s find out who she’s rollin’ with.

Latiecia, so great to speak with you! Tell us about yourself, what’s your story? How long have you been in the cannabis game?

My name is Latiecia D. Smith and I’m a True Smoker. Lol. (No, really.  I am.) I was born and raised in Burlington, Iowa. It’s a small farming and industrial community. I come from a strong lineage in Agriculture, Engineering, and Business.  From birth I was exposed to hard work and innovation. It’s in my blood.  I now have the opportunity to pass these generational gifts to Jules, the Sun(son) to my Shine.

My younger upbringing taught me that I could do anything. To be unapologetic for being myself. More times than not, that has brought many challenges to my life. However, I would rather take the risk than to “fit in the box.” God didn’t create me that way so why would I live any different? Jason, my husband, best friend and business partner, also has a similar background and ideal on life. He’s most definitely my “Person.”

From Smoking Casually to Smoking Medicinally

I’ve always had a love for cannabis. I remember being around my uncle and his buddies and smelling that the distinct dank aroma of weed. It was captivating. I don’t know exactly how I knew it was weed, but I did. The little “white cigarettes.” I was 17 when I smoked my first joint at Kemper Military School. Fun Fact: It’s the same school where Child’s Play 3 was filmed. (Shout out Kemper Old Boys & Girls.) It’s amazing where life takes you. 

In 2017, I was involved in a life-threatening auto accident. Overnight, my life went from being at its peak to being at the lowest point.  At the time I thought my worth, my livelihood, and career was over.  One day, my lawyer sent me a research article about Cannabis being used medicinally.  I haven’t looked back since that day. I wouldn’t be sitting here as I am today if it weren’t for cannabis. With God, it helped save my life. I know the importance of sharing my experience; I don’t take that lightly.

Bringing More Diversity to the Cannabis Industry

Wow! What a story. You truly are an inspiration!  In your opinion, what would you say is the biggest challenge in the cannabis industry right now, specifically for women? What motivates you to keep going? 

 I believe that challenges are based on perception. They need your permission to exist. I believe more so in lessons.  Lessons do not look the same for any two people. What I face is for me. I deal with it when it comes.  

If I were to make note of anything, I would say that I would like to see more people of color and women in the industry. The history of Cannabis runs deep in those roots. That is of importance to me. That motivates me. But ultimately, I believe in Blessons – lessons you must complete, then you are blessed. Blessings come in different ways. 

A Dinner Party with Her 7 Year Old Self as the Guest of Honor

If you could invite 3 people to a dinner party, dead or alive, who would you invite and why?

I would invite Nicola Tesla, Cleopatra, and my 7-year-old self to dinner.

Nicola Tesla because he knew the importance of numbers and symbols, had over 300 known patents and believed that the future would be dominated by women, “Queen Bees”.

Cleopatra obviously because she was a woman ruler of Egypt and she lived a life of opulence. However, the most important reason is because of the natural herbs she used in her everyday life. One of the ingredients in Blew Glew was inspired by the recipe Cleopatra for cosmetics! 

My 7-year-old self because she is the strongest person I know/knew. She is the one who set the tone to forever be fearless. I just would like to give her a huge hug and tell her she did good.


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