b.Blunt Talks: You will want to roll with Blew Glew


This week we continue our conversation with Latiecia Smith, the trailblazing creator and founder of Blew Glew, an all-natural cigar and rolling paper sealant.

The Smoker’s Super Glew

What is the story behind Blew Glew? How did you come up with the idea?

In 2017, I was in a near-death auto accident. I was prescribed antidepressants, opioids, muscle relaxers, etc. All of those medications were slowly killing my body. I received an email from my lawyer about Cannabis being used medicinally. I decided I was going to give it a try. So, I started with what I knew, smoking blunts. I have always hated the taste of cigar wraps. Plus, the thought of someone’s saliva on my blunt was the worst. I knew I couldn’t be the only person who felt this way.

I started researching and playing with formulas. During this process, I discovered that many wraps(leaf) came with holes and were completely unusable.

After 2 years of research and development, in my garage, Blew Glew was introduced to the world. I wanted to make an all-natural formula that didn’t take away from the aroma or flavor of the Flower but was strong enough to repair holes and rips. Blew Glew is the solution to all of these pain points.

“I can do anything.”

Where do you see Blew Glew going next? What’s the forward plan for growth? I envision infinite possibilities for Blew Glew! Currently, we are working on expanding our Midwest facility, as well as adding a facility out West. It is important for me to remain local with my business for as long as possible. Roots are important.

Also, be on the lookout for Blew Glew 2! I believe it will change the game of smoking and rolling blunts! There are so many updates and products to be added to the Blew Glew lineup! Along with a sister company. We are partnering with the best people. 2020 is going to be a huge year, to say the least!

To me, cannabis has a Spirit.

How did you get introduced to cannabis, and how does it fit into your everyday life?
I was introduced to weed at a young age. I remember being with my Uncle Greggy (RIP) and his buddies. They would smoke “white cigarettes.” I don’t know how I knew it was weed, but I did. The smell is what enticed me. The euphoria of it all. I didn’t actually try weed until I was seventeen. I was at Kemper Military School, where Child’s Play 3 was filmed. (Shout out to Kemper Old Boys and Girls) I remember coming back home and introducing it to all my homies. A lot of people have rolled their “first blunt” with me. I’m a cherry breaker.

To me, cannabis has a Spirit. The best way for me to connect is by smoking a nice blunt with the people I love. It’s everything. I also incorporate CBD in my daily healing routine. The science behind how all this works to benefit your body is what fascinates me. I want to educate people about this through the Blewsletter, which I urge people to sign up with on the website. I want to have a complete online smokers guide. Kind of like the TV Guide, but with Cannabis. I’m absorbing as much information as I can.

Roots are important.

Where are you located? What’s the weed scene like there?
Right now, I am all over the place. I still have my home in Iowa, but I am traveling a lot! When not handling business there, I’m visiting different legal cities and basically exploring the Culture. I walk the city more like a local rather than a tourist. I want to smoke good flower, eat decadent food, and love life. Experience all that is good. A life of opulence. That life isn’t necessarily offered in my necks of the woods, so I go and find it. The best part is that I get to share my experiences with everyone via social media. I know a lot of people who don’t get to travel like that, so they enjoy watching. Some may not even know what is out there available for them and what is being offered. People from small towns don’t venture off often. I want to encourage them to do so. With all that in mind, I’m looking forward to planting roots out West.

Where can Blew Glew be purchased, and how can you be reached?
Follow us at @1blew.glew Blew Glew can be purchased at www.blewglewtm.com. We are open to consumer and wholesale channels. I can be reached through the website or latiecia@blewglewtm.com


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