b.Blunt Reviews: Cannassist Multivitamins


A Daily Vitamin for Cannabis Users

While vitamins have been around for years and years, Cannassist is the world’s first daily multivitamin created for cannabis users. This THC and cannabis free multivitamin is a natural way to give your body more of what it needs. Founded by Justin Lockwood, who was raised by two pot-growing hippies in Mendocino, Cannassist is here to lead the effort to destigmatize cannabis and increase the health of cannabis users everywhere. And we’re here for it.

Boost Your Energy, Mood and Focus 

B vitamins are essential for a healthy body, and have a direct impact on your cell metabolism, energy levels and brain function. Cannassist combines all of the most important B vitamins and other natural supplements, bringing it’s users a multivitamin that can increase your cognitive performance. But that’s just part of what is targeting. The other benefit of these multivitamins is the boost to your energy and focus, which I have personally felt the benefits of while using these vitamins. With boosters to your integral hormones and neurotransmitters, the combination of minerals and herbs can keep you motivated and sharpen your focus.  Not to mention there are also lung helping and immune-supporting elements as well. 

Better Health for a Better High 

The healthier you are, the longer you’ll live to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. Cannassist’s proprietary combination of minerals, herbs and essential vitamins are made to enhance the every-day cannabis user’s life. If you’re a regular cannabis user, either recreationally or medicinally, don’t settle for everyday multivitamins. Cannassist vitamins are designed for the patients or stoners out there that just want to make sure their bodies get an extra dose of the good stuff on a daily basis. Improve your health and your high by supporting your body in processing THC, CBD and other cannabinoids with Cannassist multivitamins. 

Get your Cannassist vitamins here, and tell them that b.Blunt sent you! https://www.cannassistvitamins.com/


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