b.Blunt Holiday Gift Guide 2019


For your Holiday-shopping pleasure: the fruits of an entire year’s worth of our gift-researching labor. Start making a list—and checking it twice—here are plenty of Holiday gift ideas that are awfully nice.

Garden Society Spiced Dark Chocolate with Chili

Sugar and spice and all things nice

A Christmas feast for the senses! This is a rich dark chocolate with cinnamon and chili, infused with a strain of Sativa hybrid to lighten your mood and lift spirits. Artfully crafted with sun-grown Mendocino County cannabis, this is the perfect gift for those on your list that have been naughty and nice!

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Buy Now: $22

Canna Bath Co. Calm Bomb

Keep Calm and Holiday On

Give the gift of relaxation with the Bergamot Patchouli + CBD infused bath bomb from Canna Bath Co. The Calm Bomb is our favorite way to help ease the effects of stress and anxiety of the Holidays. Infused with hemp-derived from CBD, these bath bombs are all-natural, perfume-free and handmade with care in Oakland, CA. Calming the body and eliminating stress can have numerous health benefits and what better way to relax than soaking in a mineral-rich CBD infused bath! You’re welcome.

Buy Now: $15

Meraki Sayonara Tip

On the tip of your tongue

This is the ultimate stocking stuffer for any cannabis connoisseur. Sayonara TIP is the first of it’s kind and is infused with a proprietary blend of organic food-grade terpenes that are meant to boost the relaxing properties of Cannabis. These infused-tips will add a delicious element to any join, letting you use a little less yet feel so much more. Each pack contains four crutches for a total of 8 uses, and every tip sold donates proceeds towards MAPS. We also love this product because it’s legal in 50 states.

PROMO Code: b.Meraki (20% off a purchase of two or more)

Buy Now: $8

High Style’s Blood Orange Haze

Bottoms up!

High Style’s range of craft-brewed, nonalcoholic beverages is the perfect gift for the craft beer lover, canna-curious consumer, or health-focused family member that hates hangovers. Brewed by hand in San Diego, the Blood Orange Haze varietal is a delicious twist on the original recipe with a crisp citrus finish. A low calorie, low carb, hangover-free beverage with a smooth, uplifting high, Blood Orange Haze will not disappoint. 

Buy Now: $10

Kannai Candle Bloom Bundle

Holiday Three-some 

This the gift that combines form and function.  Kannai candles have teamed up with Ritual & Rose and created a limited-edition Holiday Bloom Bundle, which includes a Bloom CBD Massage Candle scent + a beautiful flower pipe. Light up the candle for some aromatherapy and then use the melted CBD oil on top to massage away any tense or sore muscles, then pack a bowl on the gorgeous flower pipe, and relax! 1+ 1+ 1 = 3

Buy Now: $80

Hey Holo Holographic Cannabitch Rolling Papers

Hollaback Girl

For the canna-friend that likes to roll with it. Any bud enthusiast will tell you that the right kind of rolling paper can make a big difference in your smoking experience. That’s why we love Cannabitch premium rolling papers! They are ultra-light, slow-burning, and dye-free. But even better is that they are made by women for women, and each style is printed with an empowering, high vibe intention for your smoke sesh. #holidaysquad

Buy Now: $6-$9

Pink Silky Canna Style Bandana

Tie it like Tupac

For the canna-fashionista in your life who’s equally obsessed with style as she is with practicality. We love this stylish, silky bandana because it’s so versatile! Show your cannabis pride and wear this beautiful scarf as a headband or around your pony. It’s also super cute as a choker or around your neck as a knot necklace. We also love it around your wrist or on your bag for a pop of color. No matter how you use it, the Pinky is the perfect little accessory for every season. 

Buy Now: $25

Erbanna Odorless Bags


Style your life

This is the gift you will buy for yourself. Erbanna is the high fashion odorless bag that will hide the smell of Cannabis. Whether you choose Jenny for its’ lock and great compartments or the KIT with its’ sleek design that fits in your pocket, all the elves agree, you can’t go wrong these one-of-a-kind gifts for all your dope essentials.  

Buy Now: $34-$50

Cannabis Leaf & Lotus Flower Enamel Pin

Fly the Flag

For the advocate dedicated to breaking the stigma with cannabis-inspired fashion. Do your part this Holiday season by giving this beautiful Cannabis Leaf and Lotus Flower pin from Food Flower Future. This pin was created to symbolize the beauty of Cannabis and help spread awareness about breaking the stigma. Be loud and be proud.

Buy Now: $12


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