b.Blunt Reviews: CannaBath Co.


Canna Bath puts the ‘Bomb’ in Bath Bomb

Move over Lush, there’s a new handmade beauty product on the block and she brought the good stuff. If you’ve been looking for an all-natural, handmade bath bomb that offers natural healing properties look no further than Canna Bath Co.

We recently got a chance to try the ‘Sleep’ Bath bomb from Canna Bath Co. and WOW, talk about relaxation on a whole other level. After a long day, there’s nothing I love more than a joint and a soak in the tub, but with the addition of the Sleep Bath Bomb, I reached peak levels of canna-bliss. 

Experience the Healing Power of Cannabis 

To preface this review, I have very sensitive skin so I was a bit nervous trying out this product until I read the fine print. While it says safe for sensitive skin, I was not truly convinced until I saw that these Bath Bombs are paraben free, non-GMO, sulfate free and contain no artificial fragrances. Score! I knew even my sensitive skin would be safe using this product. 

Now, onto bath. Good bye stress and hello relaxation. With approximately 60 MG of hemp-based CBD in each Bath Bomb, I knew my body was in for a good time. Considering the fact that I sit on the computer for at least 6-8 hours a day (on a good day) my back, neck and thighs are usually always soar or hurting. I love soaking with Epsom salts to get some relief, but felt a different level of relaxed after using the Sleep Bath Bomb. 

After about a 15-minute soak, my aches and pains were soothed, my mind was at rest and I was so ready for bed. Talk about a recipe for a good night’s rest. I didn’t know it at the time, but the best part wasn’t going to sleep, it was waking up the next morning pain free. I still felt great and started by day in a much better mood than usual. 

Feel Better, Naturally

With products this good, it’s no wonder Canna Bath Co. made our annual Holiday Gift Guide. We love a company with great products and even greater ethics. It’s a company that is passionate about helping people feel better naturally and strongly believes in the power of cannabis and its natural properties. After trying the Canna Bath Bomb out for ourselves, we have to say this passion shows in the way their products make you feel. 


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